Special-effect gone wrong On a Nollywood set as actor got burnt, lands in hospital (Graphic photos)

We just received this mail!
A near death incident was averted on a Nollywood set recently when a promising actor, Ani Iyoho was badly burnt while playing a fire incident role on set of movie director, Stanlee Ohikhuare.

Ani before the incident

An actor on set said while Ani was burning, the fire extinguisher on set did not work and Stanlee shocked everyone by continuing filming with the intention to add the real fire incident to the film.
Ani as we write now is on hospital bed, with his colleagues running around to raise money for him. 

All efforts to reach Stanlee has proved abortive and the producers of the movie Kelechi Udegbe and Ugochukwu Azikiwe have been on the run.

NB: This statement is for record purpose.



  1. I hope he feels better, and to imagine the fire extinguisher did not work and the director was still filming is very heartless. I just pray for him that he recovers.

  2. This is a near death burnt, I pray he survive this. Why can't they hv up to 3 standby extinguishers? That is wickedness and likely intentional.

  3. Is a stunt jare , this is hakeem effect handwork. I can bet it . Then why d last statement. NB this statement is for record purpose

    1. Ds burnt looks like a make-up.
      Why do I get the feeling that this is not real. I don't think this is how a real fire victim looks. For burns that appear that extreme...there are no blisters or white skin, ...more like contusions.... and where did he get the cuts on his chest area from?! Also His eyelids look untouched ..
      They're probably looking for money to tk finish d film. Mtcheeww

  4. These directors... always "pushing the envelope"... if Hollywood can do it.. we can do it too. No clue about the detailed planning and testing and layers upon layers of safety precautions taken before filming fire scenes. This one didn't even find it necessary to test the lone fire extinguisher.... which was to be used after things went bad. He should be thrown in jail when caught.

  5. this guy is being poorly managed from that picture....
    he should be in the burns unit of a teaching hospital

    alot of things can go wrong in a burns patient....he requires urgent care!

  6. Trust ibos with greed and wickedness

    The guy was burning and the director continued filming

    What an evil soul!

  7. It's poor and cheap publicity for the movie. Expected better than this distasteful publicity.

  8. And am sure its even on of those yeye nollywood films sef


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