#SaveMayowa: This is the Ahmed Family's reaction to the scam report + Police Freeze Account Where N85 M Raised Is Domiciled!

 Following reports that the #SaveMayowa campaign was a scam to defraud Nigerians by the Ahmed Family, the family has released its statement reacting to the allegations. It will be recalled that earlier today word spread that the whole campaign was a scam after actress Toyin Aimakhu who championed the #SaveMayowa cause revealed that the doctors report was fake.
She also added that the family knew that her chances of survival was infinitesimal and the doctors at LUTH said no hospital in the world could treat her at this point as she was at the final stage. Atm, the police is now involved and Toyin was pictured with them in LUTH today.

The family on the other hand is denying the scam allegation in its statement, insisting that the money raised was really for Mayowa’s treatment abroad. '

Read below:

Hello all, We have been called by friends, family and everyone who has our contacts that our raising funds for Mayo is a scam.

We were also informed that some persons had made statements concerning her state and her ability to pull through this ordeal. As a family we wish to make these affirmative statements:

Mayowa is presently in LUTH receiving treatments that will prepare her for 7hr trip to Abu Dhabi. We have also engaged the services of the Flying Doctors to accompany her on the trip based on recommendation by the Doctors in LUTH.

Mayowa is receiving treatment in LUTH to allow her be able to travel as advised by the Doctors in LUTH and she has been transfused to help improve her PCV.

 The funds are solely for Mayowa’s treatment and for no other reason. ·

We await her Visa for travel documents to commence the journey as we are in touch with the doctors abroad and they are awaiting her arrival. We appreciate the contributions made by Nigerians on this journey.

Mayowa will live to tell this story and you shall be one of the audiences by His grace. Please support us with prayers as you will surely be told the success story as we have not given up on Mayowa living her life and we will never give up until the work God has started is finished. Thank you once again and will provide updates on her treatment and procedures.

Signed The Ahmed Family.

In all this the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Fatai Owoseni has allegedly blocked the account where the N85M raised is domiciled, this according to Aramide Kasumu.

Email from Emory University to Mayowa & her family
Email from Emory University to Mayowa & her family


  1. All that donated will be rewarded, givers never lack. Either it's a scam or not, this drama is sickness on it's own. I pray she recovers. With what I'm reading from some people today, i can only beg almighty Allah for me and my family never to have any cause to seek favor from man. Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal wakeel.

    1. Whoever started ds controversy n drama in d first place has no fear of God. ..with all ds pictures n videos of d sick girl...how inhuman cn ppl get..wit or without anybodys help d money could ve still been raised if God wants it...Nigerians contributed...not like a sole contributor so wuz d fuss all about...abeg ppl shud tink about d girl n stop posting n saying insensitive n inhuman stuffs...dnt kill d girl before her time...mschewww

  2. The family is right...Linda is right!
    The family will never want to let go...they'll fight till the end and they need funds for the battle.
    On the other hand,when doctors say there's is no hope...it'll definitely be hard for people to let go of their hard earned cash for a "lost cause"
    When my dad was battling with cancer we solicited for fund..yet he died. The money we exhausted for the treatment ,no chi chi to refund at the end of the day..yet we lost him. But we are forever grateful to everyone who supported us financially and for the people who caused similar drama that we were trying to scam them, they don't know what the feeling is, so they are excused too

  3. Debunk the statement that ‪#‎SaveMayowa‬ was a scam. They needed help and kind hearted Nigerians made it happen. It's quite unfortunate we have a terrible health management system in place.


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