Only God could have done this! I was under the bondage of eating cement block for years...


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Kemi, this testimony touched me and for many days l just wondered at the power of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
I watched it happen and listened to the very people involved.

There was then this young man who would be in his 20s in a gathering at a revival service in a Nigerian setting.
The chap was brought forward. Looking at him,you would see an anemic  and emaciated youth. His skin was dry almost scaly. He looked rough and unkempt. He was covered with all the skin problems you could imagine- from his face down.
God is merciful!
HE sent the Word out into the congregation through the Man of God on his duty post.
'Someone is here who eats cement block,come out' , the words rang out.
The youth raised his hand up and came out.
Did u hear what I said well? Do you eat cement block and not ice block? He was asked.
'Who came with you?' Then the mother went to join them at the altar place.
He was given some broken pieces of cement block to eat for all those present to see  him do it.
And he ate it as if it was normal food.
The mother also confirmed that the boy had been on this problem 6years back.
It had taken them everywhere in search of solution. The issue had set the family against other extended families and the people in the neighborhood.
Anyone and anywhere he visited was always left with woeful stories to tell.
This is because after the chap had eaten some cement blocks, he would become another thing; he would be doing absurd and weird things- from stealing to violent acts.
God is a great Deliverer!
After prayer of deliverance in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and was ministered to,he was set free. He got up, a changed man by the power of God.
He was served the same meal of broken pieces of cement block as usual. This time, he took it, put it in his mouth but quickly vomited it. It had become acidic to his mouth.
I followed his case further. I was interested in how he came about it.
How he came about it appeared normal but under the manipulation of satanic forces.
I feared for those things we take for granted without praying- always.
He was sent by his teacher in school to go and pour away some dust from only- God- knew- where they got it. As he was going to do just that, the dust gave out some smell which he said he sniffed with some ecstasy.
That was the beginning of an evil spirit dominated life. He could not help himself.
Even in places they had visited for help, he would sneak out to break their wall to get some particles of cement block to eat.
I saw God at work. I felt the pains of the mother and watched the pains turned to happiness .
Only God could have done it !
HE, God, gave the young man a new name- from a deranged Youngman to a gospel artiste as HE said in HIS Word.
God bathed the youth, washed him clean and clothed him.
He is now in his right sense.
Before, whenever he injured himself, blood would not come out.
Initially, the daddy would beat the hell out of him and it did not change a thing,as there would be no mark or blood out of the beatings. Until the mother was advised to find spiritual solution to it.
This is what led the mother and the chap to the presence of God and HE did not fail them.
The Man of God did not finish with him on the spot. He handed him over to the church choir after taking him from his parents that God had a need for their son.
Then l perceived that truly the young man had some callings from God but the devil went ahead of this man to try to truncate the Divine assignment on him.
How did l arrive at this fact, you would ask me?
After some time, the new life that only God could give began to manifest in him and through him.
He now sings to minister to the heavens and to people.
He is now a handsome and refined gentleman. He has been attended to both spiritually and medically to see if anything was wrong with him. And nothing damaging was found!
His skin now glows and radiates the perfection work of the Father in heaven.
He is not ashamed to share his story, the victory he had in Christ Jesus
I rejoice in the life of a talented man rescued from satanic dungeon.
His case could have turned to that of a man with insanity living among the tombs  in the Bible days.
Thank God he met with the Lord as the insane man in the Bible did, and he was restored.
See the great change all over him !
The mother could not hide her joy sitting proudly beside her lost but found, dead but raised son.
I share in their experience and joy. And l bless the Lord for His wonderful works in the life of this man.
What could God not do? HE saves. HE keeps alive. HE rescues. HE beautifies His own child. HE delivers from the shackles of the powers and principalities.
The Lord is HIS name.
Praise the Lord !


  1. I thank and praise God for this great Miracle. He alone should be praised.

    1. Yesso, none can be compared to his matchless works. He is the great jehovah

  2. God you are Mighty


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