Only God could have done this! Four family members saved from fatal accident at FUTA gate

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Jesus Christ is my Lord. HE is all I have. My life is hid in  Christ by God. And to God Almighty,the Father, to God the Son and to God the Holy Spirit l give my praise.
  Le people join me to praise the Lord Who created the heavens and the earth, Who redeemed my soul from every destruction.
With this you will appreciate my joy and help bless this God That is mighty, Whose ways are beyond comprehension.
   We had a family function to attend in Akure in the middle of June this year. So l left with my two children and a close friend in a public transport from Lagos end. This was a day before the D-day.
On getting to FUTA gates, the unexpected happened. See the devil at work. The journey from Lagos had been smooth to that sport.
And everyone in the vehicle would have heaved a sigh of relief that he or she had gotten home.
The brake of the bus failed suddenly. I could not grasp what was happening again. I just saw the bus somersaulting and went into a ditch nearby.
It was fatal. The bus was a write- off. Some died in it while others sustained various degrees of injury.
I did not know how God did it. But He saved the four of us.
I came to my senses when I heard the rescuers breaking the side of the bus where I was sitting. My eyes were seeing them pulling at my head and shoulders to  bring me out.
Up till now, I still shiver at the thought of the saving grace for me.
The power of God flung the friend and the two children out of the wreck
And we escaped! A mother and her two children with a friend!
HE is God and will remain my God for ever.


  1. this God is too good o

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  3. Jehovah be praised


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