My husband is my destiny helper - Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and her husband Matthew Ekeinde have been married 20 years and just like she has a few times in the past the actress is serving relationship goals with her advise on how her and her hubby have made it work for two decades.

Speaking with Naij, she revealed that the key to having a successful marriage is being friends as that will see one through the hard times.
She also spoke about beauty and what it means to her, saying that a confident woman who knows her self worth is beautiful.

Read excerpts of the interview below:

You recently celebrated 20 years wedding anniversary, how does it feel being married for 20 years in the entertainment industry?

I am just thankful. I am married to my friend, my destiny supporter. There is no relationship without its challenges. 20 years and some people said OMG you guys must be without stress. I just want people to know that if you are determined to do it in life and you are determined to make it you will make it. You have troubles generally in life with your parents, with your siblings so it’s a normal thing. Don’t use every opportunity of a quarrel in a relationship or with your spouse to justify the fact that everybody says marriage is hard. It is not any harder I think than any other relationship we have in life with your business partners or with your siblings. I understand that there are some relationships that have more challenges. If there is any form of abuse involved I think they should find their way out quickly but if there is no abuse or any other thing you can hang in. Leaving that I have had good times with my spouse, just be friends that’s what matters must.
What is your definition of beauty and how does it reflect in a woman?
I think for women beauty is in confidence. If you are a confident woman and understand your self-worth I think you are beautiful. And that’s why sometimes you see some girls that you think visually they are not aesthetically beautiful but any time they walk into a room everybody turn it because of her confidence. So beauty to a woman and even men is knowing yourself well, understanding your body and working with what you have. Most women don’t have everything even I don’t have everything but there are some things that you have. Ghandour Cosmetics is all about hair and you now for a woman your face is the first thing someone sees. Your face is your introduction and your hair is the crown of the face.
But you are not growing any younger?
Neither are you.
She continues,
Well I am 38 years old and I am not scared of growing old. But even if I was 51 that is not the point even small children now have grey hairs. The point is in life I think we should all embrace who we are. I think if people are sufficient in life they feel like you are achieving you won’t even be afraid of age. But when you look back in life and you think have not achieved anything you will feel like time is running by then you will be afraid of aging. But if you are contented in life and know that all fingers are not equal and you are where you are meant to be because you could actually be six feet below. That you are alive and healthy in itself is enough reason to celebrate.


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  2. The suces of her mariage thus far proves that being a Celebrity is not an obastacle to having a sucessful mariage. She is a living testimony to other ladies in the entertainment industry & society @ large!

  3. More blessed years together.


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