Have you read this report on Ibrahim Olatunji Balogun Snr, the father of Tiwa Savage's estranged husband, Tunji Balogun?

When Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun's marriage packed up a few months ago, Tunji pointed accusatory fingers at his dad Ibrahim Olatunji Balogun Snr.
He accused his father of implanting his polygamous hormones into him, and that all effort not to be like him failed, and that his failed marriage is the fault of his father as his crumbled marriage has similar lifespan just like that of his parents.

Well, Societygazetteng.com has just uncovered some stuffs about Tunji's dad, read their report below:

Tee Billz's father is the immediate past President of the Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN). Sources revealed that the man became popular in the Africa’s largest IT market as the owner of Balotech Nigeria Ltd, on Oremeji Layout of the Computer Village, before he later moved to start another company Brain Computers on Medical Road axis of the market.

Society Gazette was reliably informed that he was selected to hold the position of President of the association without election, when the group was newly formed late 2004, and he held sway till the uproar about his leadership deficiency forced the executive out later in December 2014, when Alhaji Ganiyu Alimi, the Chairman of CAPDAN BoT inaugurated an 11 man electoral committee to take charge of the election process.

Balogun and his crew were accused of blocking people from joining the association for personal benefit, findings in the market revealed that his intentionally hike the membership form fee to discourage membership drive of those having business interest in the IT market. This is further enhanced as most of them are not privy to the benefit they stand to gain as members of the association whereas very few who are members of the executive and their families are feeding fat on their effort and labor.

Sources within the market explained that the executive was so reckless in their activities that they allegedly refuse to give account of their stewardship all the 10 years they spent as the market executives. They were was accused of collecting a huge amount of money in dollar from Microsoft and diverting such for their personal use, they were also alleged to have collected money for branding and not giving it to those who such money is meant for.

His executives were alleged to have cornered an IT training organized for phone engineers by Samsung where they allegedly send their family members.

It was even rumored that one of such money was used by Balogun to convey his executives and friends to the Dubai white wedding of Tiwa Savage, sources within the Computer village also claim that they decided with the money meant for the people working in the market to charter the flight that took them to the Dubai wedding fiasco.

Grapevine source revealed that the election to choose new executives of CAPDAN was frustrated after the December 2014 inauguration, when it became obvious they will not be having an easy stroll back into power, they decided to render the electoral committee that was given a mandate to put in place new executive in 2 months ineffective.

It took the intervention of the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, who directed the Sole-Administration of Ikeja Local Government, to conduct the election in one month and it was the directive that breathe life into the committee that has been in coma.

The election which is fixed for 11th July is reaching fever pitch and the barrier of membership form fee was also broken as the price was crashed to N1,000. While interested individuals are in the process of being screened for eligibility to contest for the desired positions.


  1. Replies
    1. Tbills needs to grow up and stop talking like a kid. The dad has done the best he could do for him by giving birth to him. The decision he made in life concerning his lifestyle has nothing to do with his father, he has his own life to live and he should stand up to his responsibility eventhough Tbills is so irresponsible. The whole drama started with him.

  2. What is the import of this story? Wetin concern us with an association's election matters? Abeg!

  3. What is the import of this story? Wetin concern us with an association's election matters? Abeg!

  4. Sisi Kemi you fall my hand with post...what relevant here?

  5. I really don't know what to say. Cos I av worked with him during my IT. All I know is pple should not judge. Everybody is responsible for his or her actions. He was a nice man tho

  6. for God's sake why going this length to disrepute someone's father just because he's son is in everyone's bad book. Very soon now, they'll drag his mom, siblings and cousins into this. Am not saying he's not guilty of what he's been accused for and I don't even care about it.

  7. Kemi what exactly are your motives behind this post..let me ask you why are you doing this to a man that is down already.soiling the fathers naming and tagging his son...does it do you any good posting this...if any one is suicidal tomorrow you will be the first to post about it not knowing you contributed to it.do you feel good behind your glasses and screen soiling people all because you want to achieve fame via blogging...
    I never do this but i keep asking myself why are you soiling this family this much.you can write your story and achieve same without tagging any family bad.i am ashamed of you KEMI...you might post if you want to and you might not post but if this story is about you or your family would you post it in this slandering manner..wish i had an ID i would be hlad to post it

  8. Kemi, this is razz journalism. You fall my hand

  9. Kemi you are very uncivilized , bush and insesitive

  10. And the point of the story is?

  11. Ur kind journalism get plenty coma, i remember complaining about ur headlines they always say something different from the main story. pls stop this i believe u can do way better than all this.


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