LUTH to investigate #SaveMayowa controversy

Source: gofundme.com
The Chief Medical Director, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Prof. Chris Bode, has said that the hospital’s management will investigate the controversy surrounding the medical treatment of one of its patient, Mayowa Ahmed.

Bode said this when contacted by our correspondent about the raging controversy about the true state of Mayowa and the veracity of claims by her family that they needed funds to fly her abroad for further treatment.
He, however, did not give further details about the patient.
Mayowa’s family, supported by Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, had launched an online appeal to raise funds for her cancer surgery in an Atlanta- based hospital in the United States.
The campaign was said to have raised over N30m for her.
But online reports on Thursday claimed that Ahmed’s medical reports had stated that she did not require surgery for her condition and that no hospital could save her.
However, Ahmed’s family in a statement on Thursday denied online media reports, which claimed that they had deceived the public.
The family in a statement on Thursday stated that Ahmed had been misdiagnosed by many hospitals in the country and it had sought funds for an alternative and better diagnosis abroad.
The statement read, “As a family, we want to make these affirmative statements: Mayowa is presently at LUTH receiving treatment for her seven-hour trip to Abu Dhabi. We also engaged the services of Flying Doctors to accompany her on the trip based on recommendation by doctors in LUTH.
“She is receiving treatment to allow her to be able to travel as advised by doctors. She’s been transfused to help improve her PCV.
“The funds raised are solely for Mayowa’s treatment and for no other reason. We await her visa to commence the journey as we are in touch with the doctors abroad and they are awaiting her arrival. We appreciate the contributions made by Nigerians on this journey.
“We have been misled by the so-called top hospitals in Nigeria and have only helped to make the issue worse. We require every support to help to give our dear Mayowa another attempt to regain her life and live the remaining as God as ordained.”


  1. I am still siting on the fence on this. The management of LUTH and her doctor specifically are the only two I will believe in all of this.


  2. Something isn't right here.. The family earlier made public a nemail exchange between them and a "supposed" representative at Emory hospital in Atlanta.. So why are they all of a sudden heading to UAE?
    There is a difference between USA & UAE.. They should clarify that part, else the public ll remain suspicious of their actions

  3. luth we dey wait o

  4. My opinion on #savemayowa
    Honestly people let's do a logical thinking....they said the fund raising was a scam.....if it was a scam the doctors saw the fundraising publicity....and they said nothing....then wen the money was completed ONE family member came out to say it was a scam...how...why naw when the money was completed....if the doctors knew she wouldn't survive it why would they keep quiet during the fund raising...if it was truly a scam. See my people let's think twice before we do MORAL CONDEMNATION...the doctors knew she wouldn't survive as they said... the family knew she wouldn't survive as they claimed... but they all kept mute until the money was completed... and now ONE BAD EGG in the family is trying to play holy... no I won't take that... if they all knew she was going to die, then all the doctors and family members did not inform mayowa about her chances of survival... because no one would be on a dying bed and the last thing in her mind is to indulge in a scamp(-_-) would the money bring her back when she is dead NO... would the money cleanse her sins NO... if any one should be held accountable it should be the doctors that wrote a fake report if it was truly a scam...no body wants to die in pain and still not straighten his or her ways with GOD... so as for me if it was truly a scam then the doctors are involved , if not then one bad egg in the family has decided to eat out of the lion share... but did not succeeded. Let's not criticze what we can't understand ..... Condemnation will defeat us but conviction unlocks our faith to face the challenge ahead. I pray for mayowa to heal quickly...doctors are not GOD...GOD USES THEM TO PERFORMS HIS MIRACLES NO ONE CAN EVER EXPLAIN.....always remember MAN PROPOSES GOD DISPOSES.


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