I have not been able to find a clean Nigerian actress that I can date - Daniel K Daniel talks about his love life, baby daddy trend and more

This is the continuation of the interview we had with award winning, Enugu State born actor, Daniel K Daniel where he talks about the challenges he passed through as a new face in the entertainment industry, his ideal woman, love life and other related issues.

How has the year been for you?
The year is half way gone and there has been a lot of achievements for me. I thank God I'm always a working actor. I have worked round the clock for the past 2-years. Now, things have gotten more hectic for me and I have got more works. 
This year I also won the two most prestigious movie awards in Africa. AMVCA and AMAA. More recognition comes more responsibility, pressure and hard work.

What extra things did the awards do for you?
Well, it opened more doors. Those that hasn't taken note of me are doing that now. They believe that 'yeah! that guy must have some good things around him for winning those awards within a year'.

Before the awards, you were not really in the limelight, which of your movies gave you the edge to be popular?
It was the Soldiers Story with Tope Tedela, Linda Ejiofor, directed by Frankie Oga. Before it, I have shot over 30 other movies which also brought me to where i'm today.

How did your journey to the movie industry start?
Well, I never planned to be an actor, it happened by accident during the days of my Youth Service.
I had escorted a friend to see her friend. When we got there, we discovered it was a movie audition. From there, the director said he liked my face and dressing that I should come and read a script for him. I told him that I wasn't there for the audition, but he insisted. That was how it all started 6 years ago. Since then, scripts keep coming.

Since you never planned to be an actor, did you ever try to quit or regret your actions?
No! I never did. I had to continue doing it because I love it. It wasn't really about the money because at that time, the income wasn't much. It was just exciting for me, so I continued.

If not for acting, what would you have been doing?
I studied Applied Biochemistry in the University, but I don't have time for that right now. I'll think about working with that certificate later. At the moment I don't even have time for myself.

Really? So how does your girlfriend cope with this your tight schedule?
Well, she understands.

As a Biochemist, did you go through any formal training to become a professional actor?
I didn't go to any school. I was inborn but I didn't know I had it until that day at the audition. This is what I have been doing consistently, and experience has been like an informal training ground for me. But I have also gone for Seminars, film festival where I gathered lots of knowledge and added to the ones I already had. I do stage plays too which is another avenue to harness skills.

Challenges of an upcoming actor?
There are lots of upcoming actors out there. Sometimes you have to prove yourself to get more works. Most times, I get a job, but they end up giving it to a more popular actor because they feel my face can't sell movies.

And how does that make you feel?
Of course I feel very bad. Even if the director says he wants this person, but the Executive producer would say he needs a more popular face to sell his film.
I thank God that now, I have gotten to a point where I can sell the film.

When you get to know the actor that replaced you on that particular movie, do you have grudges?
I don't get angry at them or have grudges for anybody. I just see it as a challenge to work harder.
When I get into a place and see people taking what belongs to me, I don't get jealous I just put in more efforts to be where they are.
I tell myself, 'Bros! It's time to work harder to get what rightfully belongs to you'.

No doubt, DKD is a fine boy actor, female fans would love you so dearly, how do you cope with some 'crazy ones'?
Well, I don't have to cope with them. I respect them a whole lot. The male celebrities have more female fans and vice versa. The fact that female fans want me, make movie producers, directors to put me in their movies.
I adore my female fans a whole lots. Sometimes, some girls would see me and start jumping on me, it's part of the joy of stardom. It comes with the job.
Most times, they would want to forcefully take pictures, then you just have to pose and smile, even if you're not in the mood.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
No I don't. Not at all. Nobody is on top of my head that I want to be with, or see or act with, nobody! I just take the jobs as they come.

Would you date or marry from the industry?
No! I won't! I'm very sure I won't!

But why, there are so many beautiful actresses out there?
My dear, it's not about the beauty. Or pretty face and body. Compatibility is very important. She has to be tolerant of me because i'm not an easy going person. She has to be witty, funny, smart, very intelligent because I like very brilliant ladies.
Another important thing is that she must be clean- very clean. Because i'm OCD-Obsessively Clean Dude. I can't be around anybody that is not very clean to my taste. She must be clean in mentality and lifestyle. Those are my criteria and I know they are not easy to find. But don't worry I am in a very happy relationship.

Which means you can be a baby daddy soon?
Well, mistakes happen and when it comes, I see it as a gift from God. If it comes to that, I see it as God's blessings. In this part of the world, we like things to be in order, marriage before kids, but it happens the other way round, we give glory to God.
If someone has kids before marriage it's not such a bad thing, after all there are several great kids that came that way, especially through single parents. 

Are you really dating Chazb's widow?
It is all rumours. ChalzB's wife and her lawyer have sued the woman who has been disseminating such false information, there is no truth in that story. I don't know ChalzB's wife, i have never met her. I don't know ChalzB either, i have never met him.''


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