It’s not a crime to help someone build their dreams - Femi Jacobs makes case for peeps that are not enterpreneurs

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If you are one of those that belong to the school of thought that believes that one can only make it when one is an entrepreneur, then you should read actor Femi Jacob's latest social media rant.

Read his tweets and Instagram post below;
Let’s not shame honest people who wake up daily to do honest work.
Let’s not breed entitlement in the name of enlightenment.
Let’s not negate character by raising a generation on HIGHMINDEDNESS.
I am in favor of RESIDUAL INCOME sources and the gospel of PERSONAL DREAMS.
But to say everyone MUST BE AN ENTREPRENEUR is to be practically insincere.
I am often sometimes tempted to tell some so called ENTREPRENEURS to go work for a while to even be able to understand what building a dream is like.
I know some incredible working class people who are inspiring and prosperous in the way they go about their jobs.
It’s not a crime to help someone build their dreams and be rewarded handsomely for it.
To those wonderful entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and raising dreams, I say Welldone.
And to those wonderful workers who go out daily to give a good account of their stewardship I say God bless. NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME.


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  3. Well said....but it's better to build ones dream rather than helping others to build theirs

  4. Whether enterprenur or salary earner, the koko is to make sure that one is in one's calling

  5. May God help us all


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