Mrs Nkechi Rochas Okorocha is the Firstlady of Imo state and the woman who owns the heart of Imo state Governor, Rochas Awele Okorocha, a philatropist per excellence who is well loved by his people. They have been married for over 25years and still counting.

Las tweek, this pretty woman with a golden heart stormed Lagos for the 65th birthday of African richest woman, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija at Cathedral Church of God. She dazzled in a floor length turquoise colour lace gown that sat well on her body.

She matched it with a unique diamond jewellery. Sitting closely beside the first lady of Lagos, Mrs Bolanle Ambode, they chatted freely while the event lasted and she was also in attendance at the grand reception at Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

Speaking with Citypeople magazine on what it feels like being the Firstlady of Imo State, she revealed that It has not been easy but the grace of God is sufficient for her. Quoting  a bible verse “Like the Bible says, who He calls He also equips. I believe that this is a government that God himself has put together and I rely on Him every day for strength to be able to function the way that He commanded me to function as a wife” She says.
How did you meet your husband? “I will say it is a divine arrangement. We met in Jos many years ago and I have to say that marrying him is the best thing that ever happened to my life.
In an interview she granted many months ago with, she revealed where she met her husband of over 25years  “We met in Jos. If you look at Rochas, he is not a professional in “toasting” because the first time he saw me, he was with my cousin. On that fateful day, as they were leaving, I went with them. My husband was driving and the girl was sitting in front and I was sitting behind. That day, he was looking through the mirror for what reasons I don’t know. From time to time, he would say to the lady in the front seat, Ada, I will marry this your sister. In my heart, I was like what does this man think, what is going through his mind? Before we knew what was happening, he took me to his parents just like that without actually talking to me. He just told his mother and his father that he hopes they like me and before I knew what happened, marriage started. He is not really a ‘toaster.’ He did not ‘toast’ me before marriage but now I want him to ‘toast’ me afresh (Laughter)“ she reveals
One would have expected that it was her husband’s looks that attracted him to her but she explained that it was his openness and straight forward nature that made them bond.
‘My husband is a straight forward person. Very brave man. He is one selfless human being that I have ever met. He has a very large heart. He does not think of himself Every second of his life he is always thinking of the next person and what he can do to better the life of the next person That is Rochas Okorocha for you. I am excited that he is my husband. He has a very large heart. He lives a life of sacrifice. He is a very nice person. He is also a very practical person. He loves to work. He is my boss, teacher, mentor, friend, brother and father. Even in the midst of his tight schedule, he still has time for me. Like this morning (the day of the interview), somehow I started moving on the bed and then he woke up. That was a little before 5am. Ordinarily, he would have wanted to still sleep a little more, but he rose for us to chat and all that. He is a man that gives me attention. He encourages me and tells me I know you can do it. I can tell you it has been worthwhile having him as husband.“
 What were you doing before you became the firstlady of Imo state? She explained to Citypeople that She has done lots of job to achieve her feat in Life. Her words were `Well, before I became Imo first lady, I was a wife and mother. I am still a wife and a mother. But on a more serious note, I was the vice president of Rochas Foundation. I also have a business I was running. I’m engaged in interior decoration in addition to other business activities“
What has sustained your marriage aside Love and God? She was asked, `It is God and Love. We also share the same spirit and vision and this has made us glued to each other`
Your husband is a great Philanthropist  and you have also supported him in this regard, how have you been able to do this? “When God has honoured you, you must love and share with your neighbour“ she revealed
Speaking on how long she has been married, she explained that she has been married for over 25years and still counting“
Celebrities call their husband many things, for Mrs Nkechi Okorocha, she revealed that she calls her husband Darling and she has been calling him that for over 25years.
Mrs Nkechi who is a philanthropist just like her husband  spoke  about her pet program called Women of Divine Destiny Initiative. She explained the reason behind the initative  and her words were
`Before my husband became governor of Imo State, I organized this ministry, which held gatherings that brought women together to pray for their families. We realized that many homes were suffering and certainly not in the shape that God desired them to be. By the special grace of God, I have a good home and I realized that what some people are facing in their homes and marriages are things that could ordinarily be avoided. God gave me this ministry to serve as a forum where vessels of God can come together and handle certain sensitive issues so that at the end of the day most homes will be healed. We started a month after we got into office.` She said .