Ijaw Boys attack residents, kidnap landlords, rape women in Ibafo, Ogun state

• Oke Cele area Photo: Samson Folarin
No fewer than two landlords have been abducted and three women reportedly raped in a renewed onslaught by some gunmen identified as Ijaw Boys, on residents of Ibafo, Ogun State.
The militants attacked Gideon village, Oke Cele and Asiwaju communities in Ibafo, unleashing mayhem on residents and carting away property.
They were reported to have invaded homes and raped married women in front of their helpless husbands. The militants reportedly burgled at least three houses and carted away goods in Oke Cele.
In a chat with Kemi Filani Blog, one of the resident said  "You know there is an oil pipeline in Ibafo so the Ijaw boys came for it for bunkering/vandalisation purposes  but some officers were there and because they couldnt vandalize it, they started kidnapping and raping people..."
Right now residents in the area are reportedly living in fear.


  1. May God have mercy on us all o!is it that some individuals are just trying to "kill innocent Nigerians to prove a point?"Because I don't understand why these so called avengers haven't been spoken to!And to the avengers, because I know like a commercial on NTA says they are our friends,neighbours,collegues"are the innocent people you are manhunting the accussed?if you don't want peace then just keep doing ur thing with the oil and leave people who have n or might have gone through a lot in their lives!OBJ!these miscreants are gradually invading our n your territory!speak whatever language or code their forefathers can adhere to before the Gateway State become what we don't want it to become!

  2. I will deal with them*

  3. Father please intervene and reign your peace


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