This is Beverly Naya's take on "Pre-marital Sex"

 In a recent interview with Genevieve magazine, where the actress alongside, Adesua Etomi, Mo'Cheddah and Ghanian TV presenter cum vlogger, Sika Osei covered the July edition, revealed the kind of men she would date, what put her off in a man and premarital sex.

On her kind of man the Beverly said: “I can’t stand potbellies and beyond the physical, someone who doesn’t know how to treat me like a lady. I have a fear of settling down with the wrong guy and I won’t deny it and that’s probably why I haven’t found that ideal guy yet. I know he will come.

I am very ambitious and I know where I am going so anyone I am going to marry has to be successful in some way so that when we do get married. I am not the one doing everything.”  
The actress also talked about sex, she said: “I understand sex before marriage. You don’t want to end up with someone who gives you bad sex. I can respect a guy’s decision to abstain, but why? I get it for religious reasons. Ideally, I would love to abstain but I don’t want to be in a situation where the guy is impotent or can’t please me. I will resent him.”

Do you agree with her submission?


  1. Replies
    1. Where is her decency? During d days of my parent ladies can't say such publicly...don't knw wat dis world is turning into

    2. @anon pls go back to ' the days of our parents"

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  3. She wants to have a good time with all the wrong ones until the right one comes.
    One man's Beverly is another man's Beverage.

  4. See her mouth lyk basket, '' I know where i'm going and the man i marry has to be succesful cos i don't want to be the one doing everything'' Nonsense talk, who come be the unsuccessful man? It is the joblessness and lack of classs exhibited by our media practitioners that give this kind thing mouth to dey talk about men as if they are objects....secondly who your sex life help b4? Very soon you will become a baby mama ur eye go clear.

  5. shameless ho like her, see what she is saying publically, her mate are hiding to say it but she is opening that hr shit mouth to say it. you should be there talking crab until you are 82.

  6. EWWWWW so many bitter souls on this blog, see dem forming innocent like dey dnt do worse. Mtchew

  7. Whatever makes her sleep at night! Too much flesh exposed, haba!


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