"I started with just N30,000" Iyabo Ojo encourages people to start somewhere, as she becomes Lekki landlord

Actress, Iyabo Ojo,  has  moved out of  her Omole Estate residence to Lekki. This move which signifies a major change in her status is being discussed among her colleagues.

Ojo who also runs a movie retailing marketing outfit quietly relocated without informing many of her colleagues and friends.

Rumour has been rife in entertainment industry that Ojo is perhaps the richest Yoruba actress. Sunday  Scoop learnt that she decided to make her relocation quiet so as not to further fuel the rumours, especially with many people wondering how she manages to sustain an affluent lifestyle.

Meanwhile read the inspiring sgtory she shared on her instagram page hours ago!

Be grateful! It helps u appreciate d little u have knowing fully well that there are better days ahead! A time had been when all i got on a gud day in our one room apartment where 2 of my inlaws also lived with us was 100 naira daily to feed my son, my unborn daugther n my self which didnt even come regularly but with love n gratitude i managed it knowing that i was still in a better place than someone who was suffering from one deadly disease that had no cure n i also believed that oneday i will have more than enough to go round bcos i deeply believed in my self. i blamed no one 4 my mistakes, i took out my pain n frustation on no one, i refuse to be lazy, i refuse to allow my mistake n situation rule n take d better part of me 'yes! sometimes i break down,most especially when my babies fell ill n i know say no money, hummm d tears where so uncontrollable but i never gave up! I got a job, worked as a sales girl 4 a while, sent my self to school doing part time, later got a better job n worked as a secretary, i was so hard working that in few months i was promoted to a site manager with a salary of then 18k monthly until oneday i lost my job bcos they felt a male was better off. tho they did gud by paying me a 3months salary upfront still i was very unhappy, i had 2 babies! i remember crying all d way home that i missed my bus stop, again i blamed no one n i never lost hope i then decided to start trading, i went into d business of buying n selling clothes, i started my own business with just 30k chai i lost alot of weight o bcos of d stress, dont be mistaken i wasnt born poor, love made me journey down that lane but now am glad i did bcos i understand what it is to be poor n appreciate every little thing i have achieved! Thank u Lord! Now am telling part of my story to help encourage any poor mother who feels she cant make it bcos she has kids n u ask ur self where do i start from, d society is bad, am too much 4 this job, i have failed so i give up, No No No u can be d best of u, never give up on ur self, start anyhow, even if u have to sell pure water or do odd jobs. #proudmothers #strongwomen #mytruelifestory #bemotivated #beinspired #begratefulx


  1. Yes some movies with the help of muka ray that you dump when obanikoro(dasuki gate) money and it changed your life.so the house is your money? Muka ray Pele, you too no give her for free then na,thats why she's not given too. Men should help people without tasting,cus you don't no what the woman will be tomorrow. Iyabo congrats it's your luck.

  2. Hypocrites!! They won't tell us the different men and producers they slept with ooo. Keep your motivational jargons to yourself

    1. Why are u bitter?? Is it your husband/father she slept wit ni??? Idiot

  3. When Richard Branson told the world his story, he was quite detailed about it. From his eureka moment to the steps he took to where he is today. But in Nigeria, it's never that way. I view most Nigerians' "grace to grass" stories with skepticism because they aren't detailed. The "hows" of the stories lack depth and interconnection. If I'm telling a story to encourage, I won't keep it ambiguous. I would give all details that would help a person get to where they would like to from where they are. From secretary to actress to business tycoon. It's encouraging, yes but also confusing. It's like a lecturer giving you an algebraic problem to solve and not giving you formulas to employ. Well it's her story not mine. So she can tell it as she deems fit. By God's grace, I will one day write my full story, which would be interesting as my life story isn't pristine 😀. Happy Lazy Sunday everyone!

  4. @Anonymous comments, you guys are right! Don't mind them

  5. But she denied it.... Saying it's not true

  6. Is she not sleepin with obanikoro!all dis actresses smh,her story no make sense abeg

  7. sugardaddy thingz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why are some Nigerians this bitter, really some of u need to rethink why u r still in dsame position always. Stop bin envious, even if she has sugar daddieeesss she is not lazy like some of u dat only wanna sleep around for money n soend it buying clothes, shoes etc for show off.
    Atlist e dn pay her, show us ur own, mtchew

  9. If you made the money the right way, why won't I be inspired..hehe


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