'I chopped off my step-son's private parts to retaliate insults from his mother" 17-year-old housewife finally speaks

Remember the wicked mother that chopped off her step-son's private parts ( In case you missed it, read it Here)
The culprit, Bara’atu Muhammad has narrated the main reasons she cut-off the genitals of her 23-day-old stepson, Buhari Muhammad in Dafe village, Niger State.

Buhari’s father, Muhammadu Dauda married Buhari’s 21-year-old mother, 7 years ago before he married Bara’atu just 4 months ago.

Bara’atu, the 17 year old housewife confessed that she took Buhari from his mother’s room where he was sleeping, to the toilet where she chopped-off his penis with a kitchen knife.

Her words: “I decided to do that in retaliation to insults (I’ve been receiving) from his mother.

She has been insulting me. Anytime I complained to our husband, he will not take action. That was the major reason I used our kitchen knife to cut off his penis.”

Muhammad Dauda denied the allegation, adding that Bara'atu never reported Basira to him and that as far as he was concerned they were living in peace.

"I never heard them quarrelling, I never saw them fighting. My house is intact. There was no division. I treated them equally," Dauda insisted, adding that he was shocked when he heard what Bara’atu did to his son. "She never showed any sign of madness. She is mentally okay."

The baby's mother, Basira, 21, also denied Bara’atu’s allegations, saying, "Ever since she was married and came to the house, I took her as my younger sister. That was why I allowed her to be close to my son. I didn’t know that she was planning to kill my son," she lamented.

Meanwhile, the Niger State government has promised to take care of Buhari’s medical bills.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi who is taking care of Buhari at the IBB Specialist Hospital, Minna, said his penis has already been damaged and shrunken and that there was no way that it can be transplanted to its normal position. He said the medic will however, try their best to ensure that Buhari survives and lives a normal life.

Bara’atu has been arraigned before a magistrate’s court and remanded in Minna prison, pending the conclusion of investigations. This incident happened a few weeks after a 21-month-old boy Musa was severely mutilated by his stepmother in Kano.


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  2. No excuse stupid lady, face the repercussions. Can you imagine 21y/o and 17y/o... How old is the husband self? Now the innocent boy is suffering from their nonsens,stupidity and madness.


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