KFB's Today In Court! How a Pastor’s daughter was used, brutalized and dumped by boy friend after four kids

For Toyin Akinbile, the first daughter of Pastor Adebola Samuel, head pastor of Christ Apostolic Mission (Oke-Ayo), that fateful day she met and fell for the sweet and enticing words of her ex-lover’s mouth was the day she would forever live to regret as their once upon a time love story has drastically been turned to an unending tales of sorrow, regret and anguish.
Unable to condone and bear the high level of inhumanity and cruelty allegedly melted on her by her one time live-in lover, Mrs. Akinbile was pushed to file for divorce.
Fully relying on the strong arms of the law to aid her fight for her rights, the obviously troubled woman ran to the succor of a grade A customary court, Ojo, Lagos as witnessed by Kemi Filani Blog.

In an emotional laden tone, the local fashion designer went down memory lane to relate the ordeal she went through during her short stay with her lover before she was kicked out and replaced by another woman.
“I met Mr. Sunday Akinbile 10 years ago, in front my shop where I was still an apprentice in fashion designing I was barley 18 years old then, shortly after we met, a relationship ensued.
I got pregnant three months later and he never came to do any formal introduction or formalize our union, I was still staying in my father’s house.
His sex urge is insatiable; my first child was barely three months old when he got me pregnant with another child. He pounces on me like a sex starved victim.
 That notwithstanding, he was never concerned about our welfare. My father was catering for all our needs, while I was still staying under their roof.
He also deceived me into closing up my shop and handing over of all the proceeds including my other little saving to him. He used the money to get a land close to my father’s house.
Gradually, we were building it together until it got a habitable stage. We moved in together and life continued.
I had thought that our co-habitation under one roof would bring us together and cement our relationship, but it was more like a case of frying pan to fire.
My husband took the opportunity that we are now staying alone to use me as a punching bag. He hits me so bad to a point of death. He also employs the use of wires, belts and other hard objects to descend on me. Each time I ask him to provide money for the upkeep of the family, it stirs up serious argument that would eventually lead to pains and bruises all over my body. He is so callous and hard-hearted. I have done all I could to make our relationship work, but all my efforts met with brick walls and I am left to wallow in self pity and shame.”
The last stroke that broke the camel’s back according to the 30 year old troubled woman, was when she had thought that everything was turning around for their good as her husband got an employment as a pump attendant with one of the petrol filling stations in Ajangbadi,  but she goofed as that supposed blessing was deemed a curse in disguise.
“When his finances started boosting, I was so grateful to God to putting smile on my face and wiping away my tears. But I was so mistaken; he grew more wings in his evil deeds and made life more miserable for me.
 The only benefit I received from his benevolence was the N100 he gives to the children in the morning before he leaves for work, aside that I was the one responsible for all the upkeep and maintenance of the children,” she narrated to Kemi Filani Blog and other court witnesses.
She also alleged that in an attempt to get rid of her, the estranged husband devised a tactical means to dump her back to her father’s house, he took advantage of her illiteracy while always accusing of her infidelity, witchcraft and other evil vices.
“At that point, any man that extends greetings to me becomes my secret lover.  he would never let me rest with his incessant accusations of having sexual relationships with all the Okada riders and men in that area.
Topping it all, he denied the paternity of our last child; two years son I had for him. He claimed the child is not his responsibility but that one of my numerous lovers. But that same child is his carbon-copy. He so much looks and acts like his replica. Yet those qualities alone couldn’t make him see himself in that little innocent boy.
My three kids were taken from me, leaving me with the last child, my parents are also tired of harboring me, and so I squat from house to house.  I have nowhere to stay, no work to do, no food to eat. I have cried and begged him on different occasions but he paid deaf ears to my pleas and cries.
My mother and other members of my family have crawled on our knees begging him to take me back all to no avail.
He has long remarried and has three children. They are all living in the house we built together with our sweats. All I labored with him for five years  has been taken over by another woman while am left to suffer in penury.”
As a result of this bitterness, the petitioner seeks justice. She implored the court to grant her the custody of her four children, then order her ex-lover to give her substantial  amount of money to start up a benefiting business to enable her cater for herself and kids. As she has subsequently lost all hope to live again.
Meanwhile, despite all the court summons and orders that has been served on the respondent, he was still adamant and refused to honor the invitation of the court of law.
He threatened to beat the court bailiff to death if he ever shows up in his house with any form of paper.


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