How do I tell my fiance that he has a mouth odour and bad breath?

Hi Kemi,

I read and comment on your blog every time.

I have a little problem that I would like you help me out.

How do I tell my fiance that he has mouth odour and that is why I avoid kissing him.

And please what can he do to clear the bad breath.

I love and we will soon be getting married

Please...hide my identity.

Thanks a lot!


  1. Tell her to be taking much water. Then together google the topic and both of u learn d causes and the treatment. Tech.has made knowledge to increase

  2. Tell him with love. What's the big deal. Is it not better you tell him than some else embarrases him about it someday. Yes he'll be embarrassed and you will feel awkward after telling him. But he'll surely find a solution after that and you two will be happier.

  3. Just tell her you have a gift for her... of course she'll be anxious to see it, make sure it's just you and her together. When she opens the gift and she sees it's toothpaste and a new toothbrush. When she ask why you gave her that. Tell her how much you love her and it won't be nice if a stranger tells her about her bad odour.. ensure you do it in a way she doesn't feel bad. You guys are couples and should be about to tell yourselves your flaws.. in between the conversation ensure you keep kissing her so she doesn't feel bad. This should help

  4. I will suggest you both talk openly about it, in a loving and understanding way and find a solution together. You will be married soon. I'm sure you must be in love with him in spite of the fault, hence your agreeing to marry him.
    Go with him to visit a dentist for professional treatment and advice.
    Hope this helps.

  5. I don't know how without him being offended, because you know him better. But
    He can see his dentist maybe he's disease related.
    Let him brush twice a day ( also scrubbing his tongue) plus mouthwash.
    Floss after eating.
    Brush or use mouthwash after taking a nap.
    But him some mint to refresh his mouth.
    Go for dental checkup (maybe together)

    Buy them, when you're using each offer him to use with you. Good luck!

    1. *maybe it's *
      *buy him some *

  6. fast n pray togeda naa ni. But on a more serious note, just tell him, he might not even know that he has mouth odour until you tell him and he will appreciate you even more for being truthful

  7. Tell him with love but please seek God's guidance before you do. Don't tell him via social media (chat and the likes). Make it one on one talk. God will direct you. Make sure you get mouthwash for him (check pharmacy store or super market). After the "talk" make it a date with him @dental clinic. You can follow him to subsequent dates @ the clinic in order to make him feel "you care". I wish you all the best. May God grant you the help you need to talk to him in a cool way, amen.

  8. i was in the same shoe with you, but mine is ok now, i have to come up with this question mention two things that i do that you do not like, he said them and he turn around and asked me the same question, he mentioned that i don't kiss or hug him so i was able to open up to him but mind you i said it in a romantic and nicely way so that he will not be angry.

    thank God he is an understanding person, before i know it he got nice body spray, mouth wash, bought mint, started working on himself, the day i felt the fresh breath from him and he was smelling nice, you need to see the kind of kiss that i gave him cos i have been hoping for such a day. Try to be open and stylishly talk to him about it, except you don't love him, which you can walk away.


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