Founder of Lifestake Foundation, Aramide Kasumu alleges fraud, as Mayowa’s story takes a twist

 Two days ago OAP Freeze got a disheartening letter from Aramide of lifestake foundation but decided against publishing it, as it was a very sensitive matter, since a human life was involved. But with the story taking a new dimension today, he decided to share her story.

Dear Daddy Freeze,
Post written on 26th of July the day 32million was raised for Mayowa’s cancer treatment.
I run a foundation that is 100% not for profit,so when Mayowa’s post went up people tagged me,I ignored until some people opened a group and dragged me in,I was still reluctant,but I obliged them,so I called ,got her addy and was in her home.
Now when I got to her house I was pissed at why is she home and not in the hospital,then the family said they wanted her to go abroad because they where no longer comfortable with Nigerian hospitals,now I thought so is staying home a better option?Now Mayowa is sickle cell,and a stage 4 cancer,what are her chances of living?
I called the CMD LUTH to organize a bed space in the private unit as they were on strike ,the next day I drove to hers and took her to LUTH.
Now at LUTH the first thing that was brought to my attention when I told them that her stay at LUTH was temporary till she travelled abroad ,the doctor said and I quote “No airline would carry her”
And then all the questions came in ,If no airline would carry her what is the funds raised for?is the $100k not for the trip to Atlanta?
Does she have a visa yet?
Has the hospital sent an invitation yet?
What airline would carry her?
Stage 4 malignant ,chances of survival?
I went through the letter from the hospital it says $100k initial deposit,$3k-30k and 10-50treatments.so if really she planned to travel she needs way over 30million…
I would not lie Mayowa was extremely sweet and I felt sorry for her,she would call me to say thank you,and say “Aramide please don’t forget me here”
I have worked with Kate Henshaw credibility is her watch word and would follow every detail of it,i can guarantee that Kate won’t have posted pics had she gone to the hospital .
So why exactly was money raised from the public?
Now since Mayowa isn’t here,if the funds where for health,can the family use the money for another patient since the money technically belongs to the public?Did they know it would eventually lead to this and use her case as a reason to get money off the public?

Also speaking with YNaija, Aramide Kasumu, said “It started from her ovaries and moved to her liver, which gave her liver metastasis. Basically, it is not curable, and if it is curable, it is the just Grace of God. When I got the story, I took it up, and I called the CMD to get her to LUTH. Before she got to LUTH, they were already waiting for her. When I brought her to LUTH, the first thing the doctor said to me is that no airline will carry her, because she is too frail to travel.  Before I brought her to LUTH, she was at home. It was almost as if they (the family) already knew what the case was. You know how the doctors will tell you that the cancer is already in the last stage, let her stay home”.
Lifestake Foundation is a non-profit organization created to assist Nigerians who are in dire need of financial aid for medical purposes explained that

She continues: “They said they had already called the hospital in America, they needed $100,000. They mailed it to me, I looked at it. It now dawned on me that the hospital in America said treatment is going to cost $3,000 – $30,000 per treatment, and she needed 10-50 treatments. Technically, what she needed was N150 million, but that wasn’t what they raised. All they just picked was the $100,000.

“The hospital also said to them that she needs $1,780 for an invitation. There was no invitation, no visa, nothing! So they already knew what they were doing from the onset.”

Aramide Kasumu is a graduate of Guidance and Counseling from Olabisi Onabanjo University, a business woman, and a philanthropist. She is the Founder of Lifestake Foundation; a non-profit organization that is created with the aim of assisting Nigerians who are in dire need of financial assistance for medical purposes, through crowd funding.


  1. Dis same aramids posted mayowa Vedio and pics seeking for help even Vedio showing on dia way to Luth dis very sad doing dis to a sick person u have done ur part leave God to judge.

    1. It hard to believe anything in this country this days. May God help us.

  2. A representative of the family needs to speak! Till then...

  3. Hmmm... Checked her page and went through few videos. I'm speechless, Toyin Aimakhu was on one of the videos weeping.

  4. I see no reason why the doctor treating her can't make a statement to clear the whole thing, after all we saw some of the nurses in the video toyin did. We know mayowa is sick so let her brothers come out and say something and they should please not dent the reputation of Toyin, knowing she try to save a young lady. God bless Nigeria

  5. Luth needs to release a statement as well .

  6. There is no such thing as "beyond Treatment" even if the lady had a 0.5% chance of living, the family did the right thing by making efforts to seek a second opinion and treatment elsewhere. the argument that she wasn't invited or had no visa is a silly one, most US hospitals would seek for full payment before a letter of invitation for visa processing is given to a non citizen, the Complete Monies were barely raised 2 days ago....

    Linda Ikeji was extremely insensitive on this issue..

  7. Maybe Linda was misinformed.
    Because I have a feeling she might have also donated her money to Save Mayowa.

    Maybe Mayowa's family was misunderstood.
    Because that $100,000 can still be used by them to set up a foundation to Save Other Mayowas.

    Maybe we are all too quick to judge Mayowa and Linda.
    Let's learn our lessons from all this.
    Let's not harden our hearts to the sick and needy.
    Let's focus on Saving Others.

    We saved Kanu Nwankwo.
    He is Saving a Thousand Others.

  8. All glory belongs to God n no man...all the people dt helped ve only done dr own part...let God deal with d rest...wat kinda family wud want to benefit frm ds kinda sensitive situation..i do not believe ds cz it dsnt just make sense...ds is not d first time donations r being made for esp cancer patients n dy stil ended up dying buh at least d family can ve peace dt dy did all dy could..smh seriously

    1. God bless you. It is so sickening that we are expected to collect our monies back because her chances has diminished.. Shame on them all. How much is a second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year of life worth..? 32 million or 100k dollars? Shame on them all.

  9. The family has responded. I hope this answer's people's questions


  10. As for Toyin Amaikhu .. Anger is surely a bad thing. Her intention was good and she ruined her good deeds with a split second of ANGER only if she could have waited and prayed to God to reveal to her... You don't always have to act on Impulse. Also, the thing is Devil does not like UNITY. The fact that people showed love to this girl was enough platform for bad belle people to cause this commotion. Please don't divert your attention continue praying for the girl for the Mighty hand of God to heal her so she can use this to draw many people to God. It is well with the family and everyone involved in Jesus name!

    Linda everything is really not about Money oh! There is God. This is a matter of someone's Life !! We will all give accounts for everything we have done here on earth. You should use your platform to re unite people and give people hope, and not tear people apart. This is really bad!!

  11. If you have been to Luth or any medical facility in Nigeria then you won't wait for a doctor before deciding to transfer a family member abroad for treatment.

    Saying hope is lost does not mean the family has to become hopeless and wait upon death.. Shame on you all. Diezani Alyson stole 90billion dollars of you money without much fuse but all hell break loose because you think the family shouldn't spend the money on her treatment because her chances of survival has diminished. Shame on you all because 32million naira is too small for Mayowa to have just a week more to leave not to talk of a chance at a normal life. Shame on you.


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