Be Inspired! Nigerian guy shares testimony of how he quit his job and got a better offer after qutting

Written by Facebook user, Ceecee
I just want to write from a pure and genuine heart of gratitude and encourage someone who might be going through a hard time at work.
I got a new job 3months ago and most of you celebrated with me. I resigned from that new job on Monday in principle because of a culture of intimidation, bullying, fear in the work place and favoritism. No, I was not bullied, but I witnessed a lot of bullying. I witnessed favouritism. I witnessed all the ugly things you can find in a work place. I itemised all these in my resignation with immediate escalation to the powers that be and they kick-started an investigation. The bully became scared, and I gave the victims courage to speak up.
I didn't resign for myself, I resigned for those who will come after me so that they will not experience what I observed. Why should I be a Corporate Governance staff and be a witness to a lack of proper governance? I also did not see myself changing things from within because I would have encountered so much resistance, which led to me reporting to external regulators.
I sat at the very top of the organisation where key decisions were being made, at the Executive and Operational level and saw a lack of governance. My spirit rejected the anomaly totally.
I resigned with no hope of another job after consultation with my confidante, Madame at the top - Lina.
She was scared but gave me her support. Considering we have just bought a new house, I was putting us in a precarious financial situation but my spirit said "just do it, it is the right thing to do".
My resignation also coincides with a time when I am making trips in a few days to 3 African countries at once, and we all know Africa 🌍 is expensive. Madame was super scared but she said, "Babe, I support you, and I want you to be happy".
Getting a job interview is like gold in today's Britain. I had attended 2 job interviews. I was rejected in one and my morale dropped. I was awaiting the outcome of the second interview. I waited for 2weeks and nearly gave up on the wait.
Anyway, I said my final goodbyes today at work, walking into a dark financial world with so much uncertainty.
Just as I was about to give the lady at reception a goodbye hug at the office door, my phone rang.
I was offered a new job. A higher paying job that is a band/level up. It is God.
I believe in Good Governance. I believe Corporate Governance has to be done right. My boss, the Chief Operating Officer, gave me a big hug today and applauded my courage. He is not a bully or a bad man but has to deal with another bully who is the god of the work place.
I do not know what you are going through. Stick to your conviction, work diligently and the universe will reward you. Do not despair.
As I write, I am on my way home, early from the Final day at the Office. I pray the new work place will be a place to build and learn.
|||New Job, New Beginning|||


  1. Well even if he hadnt resigned , he would have still gotten the new job, so?????????

  2. Congrats, voice for the voiceless. KFB, he wasn't oppressed by a bully. He said he experienced it.

  3. Deep words of encouragement!!!!


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