Be Inspired! Meet Jessica Johnson-Ogubere, the woman who loves taking care of old people (photos)


Jessica studied Agronomy ‘(Crop science) in Delta State University and obtained her MSc from University of Wolverhampton in the UK.  She took up a part-time job in a care home where she  was certified as a caregiver and this  developed her interest in caring for old people. Today Jessica runs an old people’e home in Port-Harcourt where she cares for old people through her Jev Care Initiative. She shares her story with Women Of Rubies and the inspiration behind her passion.

Meet Jessica
I am Evi Jessica Johnson-Ogubere. Married to Mr. Johnson Ogubere. From Isoko south Local Government Area of Delta State. Nigeria. I studied Agronomy (Crop Science) in my First Degree in Delta State University and graduated in the year 2007 and MSc. in Environmental Management with the Universityof Wolverhampton, West Midland, United Kingdom, in the year 2013.
I worked with Krohne Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria immediately after my National Youth Service Corps in 2009. I was employed in Krohne Oil and Gas from 2009 to 2011 as Office Assistant and later promoted to Admin/Commercial Officer and finally Procurement Officer. I resigned in September 2011 in other to further my education. While in the United Kingdom, I got a job with Techinnovate UK Limited, Nottingham, United Kingdom as Procurement Officer. Furthermore, I did a part-time job in care home, where I cared for the elderly people and obtained a certificate as a caregiver. I developed interest in caring for the old people. I didn’t know I could care for the elderly until I started working in different care homes in the United Kingdom. That was when I found out that I have passion to care for the old people.
Inspiration behind Jev Care Home?
During my work in different care homes in the United Kingdom, I found out that I have passion to care for the old people. This is because I enjoyed chatting, helping and staying around them. I responded to shifts without complain and I did all assigned duties speedily. That was when I realized this as a gift given to me by God.
Secondly, due to my experience working as a care giver, I discovered we lack thiscare in Nigeria. This is because, the Government in the developed countries provides free transportation, health services and general care for the old people above 60years of age which we do not have in Nigeria.
My late grand-mother was so old and she was staying with my mum. This wasn’t easy for her because she was combining her job and caring for her mother. We tried looking for a care home to put her so that she can be properly cared for but there was no care home around us. It was not easy for her. We ended up bringing someone home to care for her. The person comes in the morning and leave in the evening thereby creating a vacuum between that evening and the next morning as my mum might be too tired to look after the old woman after a hectic day at work. That was when I got the idea of having a care home where different old people from different backgrounds can stay and interact and are cared for round the clock. This will help to relieve the children, guarantee the safety of the old people due to frequent rape and violence in the country, and also keeping them company to avoid loneliness.
Giving up
YES:When I got the idea of having a care home and caring for the old people, I discussed with some relatives and friends, as I was not married at that time. They discouraged me and advised that I should get a job and not a care home where I will spend the little money I have. Also, the old people will mess up their body with faeces and I will have to take the smell and expose myself to diseases. They almost changed my mind but due to my passion for caring for the aged, I continued.
Secondly, the challenge of finance came in when it was time to register Jev Care Home Initiative as a Non Governmental Organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission; it was difficult to get the fund but God intervened and I got the fund to register it. More fund was needed to set up a care home for the aged people, we solicited for fund by moving from one organization to the other, visiting both corporate bodies and individuals for support but we were turned down by them, saying they cannot commit their funds to such an idea since it is not going to yield any return. At that time I felt like giving up but I held on to the word of God in Habakkuk 2 verse 3 which states (for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come). This verse has kept me on till today and to the Glory of God, Jev Care is moving higher, though we are yet to get a home but we have been visiting aged people, caring and supporting them both materially and financially.
My reward
The saying that when you put a smile on the faces of others, yours will be broader is true. Whenever we give the aged ones gifts and support, I am always moved to tears of joy when I see the smiles on their faces. It shows that there is someone who cares for them. Jev Care Home Initiative will always care and show love to theaged ones, as it is the core objective of the organization to do so.
Knowing that the aged people appreciate the support and care we offer them makes mefulfilled. I have the conviction that whatever you do to others, you do to yourself.
Finance as a major challenge
As I have said earlier in question 6 above, finance has been the major challenge that has really hindered the realization of the goals of Jev Care Home Initiative.
The dream of setting up a home, which is the bed rock of this idea with care givers,security personnel’s and medical team, has not been achieved yet due to insufficient fund.
In this part of the world, many people who are in position to support have refused to, as Jev Care Home Initiative is a nonprofit organization which has made our achievements very little compared to what we really have in mind.
Perception of Nigerians for Old People’s Home
Whether we like it or not, getting old is compulsory. Nigerians do not value old people’s home because if they do, they would have supported this idea of having a care home both morally and financially. Also, the government would have provided free transportation, medicals and general care for the old people that are above 60 years of age, if they value old people the way the developed countries do. We see old people in the hospitals paying their bills or their kids paying for them, we also see them on the streets looking unkempt, begging for alms and even sick in some cases. This has led to my conclusion that Nigerians do not value old people’s home.
IMG_20150106_172812 (1)
Being a Woman of Rubies
I am a woman with noble character, who can be trusted. The fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom reigns in my heart. I am a great blessing to my generation.
As long as God lives, though the road may be tough, I am confident that I will get there. God is using me to put smiles on the faces of the old people. For that I am thankful to Him and as long as I live I will continue to show love, care and support for the elderly.
Having identified a need for a care home for the aged people in Nigeria and vigorously pursuing the vision to ensure that it is realized, makes me a woman of Rubies.

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  1. wow, God bless her heart

  2. Only someone with a heart of gold can do this, Nice one madam


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