Aww, Twin Sisters Marry Twin Brothers In Ghana (photos)

Three years ago, we brought photos from the double Lagos wedding of a set of twin sisters and twin brothers (HERE)...this time, the double wedding happened in Ghana!
See more beautiful photos from the beautiful wedding below:


Anonymous said...

this Is lovely

at least dey won't be far away from each other

I LOVE this


just asking o

Anonymous said...

Twin sisters finally wed twin brothers and in turn they will give birth to twin childrens in twin houses and ride twin cars in a twin road and a twin gateman would protect them with twin housemaids cooking their food and placing it on their twin dinning table and they will eat it with their twin spoons and they will take their bath in their twin bathroom and use a twin towel to clean their twin bodies and enter their twin palour to watch their twin station and finally discover that there is twin blast in sambisa forest and shout boko haram twin shekau has come again and finally switch off their twin t.v to sleep in their twin bed to have a twin dream and wake up in the twin morning and take their twin brush to brush their twin mouth and return back to their twin dinner table to eat their favourite morning twin best combination

bread and twin sorry tea

Anonymous said...

awwwww nice one

Anonymous said...

The ladies are very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Happy married life to them, fine couples

Sweetheart said...

Lovely..doesn't make sense to me tho!

Anonymous said...

Funny enough it might Jez be one of the twins truly in love, and the other being pushed so it can look dope

Anonymous said...


nike said...

Beautiful. Happy married life.

Anonymous said...


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