A Movie Review: 'Gidi Blues' will entertain and entertain and entertain you!

Oh Gidi Blues!

Synopsis: Akin is an indulged playboy from an affluent family who accidentally meets an interesting beauty in an unpredictable place. Nkem is a beautiful, confident but unusual young lady who devotes herself to her work as a community volunteer in the belly of the city's worst slum. Their encounter drags Akin into a whirlwind experience that unravels his world. (Written by FilmHouse)

Starring: Lepacious Bose, Daniel Lloyd, Banky W, Gideon Okeke, Bukky Wright, Hauwa Allahbura
Verdict: Very entertaining! Very entertaining indeed. You have to give the producers an 'A' for effort; they made a strong showing in this ambitious Nollywood excursion on the travails of finding love and the keeping of it. Nevertheless, despite the gargantuan effort, ultimately, 'Gidi Blues' doesn't quite make it to the lofty heights of a 'must see'.

What we mean to say is; while this is enjoyable, it offers nothing special or extraordinary. It's let down by an all too familiar story, some shoddy scripting, noticeable continuity issues and a sprinkling of lazy editing, but nothing terrible enough to kill a horse, just enough to stop this from reaching its potential. So, you can see it if you want, and if you miss it, it won't kill either way.

However, if you do see this, be sure to look out for an awesomely ridiculous stunt in the very last scene, that just drags this down the pipe; In fact, we have never ever seen a flick move from Hollywood to Nollywood so fast! It happens in a blink of an eye, but that stunt was so unnecessary and so ridiculous, it will hit you like an uppercut in your gut! And you will know it, when you get hit. Watch out!

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  1. Replies
    1. Lmao i am telling you, so short

  2. Kemi review north east which features oc ukeje abeg

  3. kemi why dont you reveiw yoruba movies sef

  4. I will agree with you. While the was not out of the ordinary, the last part stunt actually messed the whole not bad feeling from the beginning.


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