2 kids, 5 years & the first little disagreement! Michelle and Danny Bennett’s true love story...

Happy Monday beautiful kfbers! Today's TLS features inter-racial lovebirds, Michelle and Danny Bennett.  Michelle is a Ghanaian while Danny is from Trinidad.

Michelle met Danny just when she was beginning to get tired of being a single mom.

Read their beautiful love story below:

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 Danny and I, were introduced to each other through a mutual friend via face book , on February 12, 2011. At the time, we were both at our wits end with the notion of ” finding love”. I was a single mother and was getting tired of the “single life”.

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 He was the hopeless romantic; I was stealing hearts, with my charming nature. He fell in love with me at “first sight”; I on the other hand, thought that he was just a cute skinny dude! 
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Naturally, I had pegged him as “just another guy ,that I was going to waste time with”. Before we were able to meet face to face, all of our exchanges were done online. I wasn’t too keen on giving out my number, to a guy I only knew via “face book”- he was in agreeance with that. Although we were getting along and seemed to be compatible, I had continued to keep him at arms length. 
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On February 19, 2011 we were set to finally meet, face to face. I had invited him to come see a free play, at a local church. He had brought along three of his friends (including our mutual friend) and I had brought one of my closest friends. He was EXTREMELY shy and barely talked to me- he didn’t even sit next to me! I was EXTREMELY playful and the complete opposite. I remember throwing tiny wads of paper at him, just to break the ice. It had worked, but unfortunately, my friend had an emergency so we had to cut the evening short. I gave him my number and told him to call me sometime- he called me that evening ,lol.
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 The very next day after our initial face to face, we had gotten into a little argument. We did not speak to each other,for five days. Neither one of us wanted to be the first ,to let go of our pride. It took for our mutual friend to intervene and get us to reconcile.
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On February 27, 2011 we had our first official date- just us two. We had went to Dave and Busters. We had a blast! We are both so competitive, so I took pleasure in beating him in majority of the games. That night, something happened. In the midst of having all that fun and just spending time with each other, I took a serious look at Danny. I looked in his eyes and I saw into his beautiful soul. It was at that moment, that I had fell in love – HEAD OVER HEELS! We have been inseparable ever since…..

I had introduced him to my daughter and she instantly fell in love with him. They have an unbreakable bond. 
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On August 30, 2012 we had welcomed a son together. It will be five years, since fate brought us together and on September 24, 2016(Lord willing) we will become one…..
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Couple Styled By: Properly Slayed in c/o Adrienne King
Photography: RM Photography

Kemi Filani Blog wishes Michell and Danny all the happiness they deserve.

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  1. Not every time, sex after marriage. This is real. Sex before marriage. Gbam I can totally relate

  2. Not every time, sex after marriage. This is real. Sex before marriage. Gbam I can totally relate

  3. Which of them is the bride, which one is the groom cos I see two women in the photos abeg

  4. The lady's got a nice body build.

  5. Beautiful couple, really loved their story.

  6. kemi i tot u were an advocate for no sex before marriage. Warridis nah.

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  9. Beautiful mama! More blessed years together.

  10. very fine couple. but why did the guy have to wait for 5 years before marrying her, she had a son for him just after a year they met


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