17 scenarios that are too real for Nigerian bloggers

Ole Jati Jati

This post by SisiYemmie is so hilarious yet true, read it below!

When you are invited for a meeting and you get prepped, drive all the way from mainland to the island, discuss ideas and then when it comes to budget they say "sorry we don't have a budget"

When a brand offers to pay you in "backlinks" and "social media shout outs"!

When people send you links of a blog/website that has copied your posts/photos without giving credit.
Ole Jati Jati
...And then they ignore the mail you send to address the situation. Wehdone!
Oh Kare!
When you are about to take a photo and the security man acts like you brought out a gun instead of a phone.
Ahn ahn...eeees it not ordinary photo?
When your family and friends want to eat before you've taken the perfect instagram photo 
And they remind you that you have been blogging for many years and yet cannot afford a banana island mansion.

When Nigerian bloggers get together to discuss the challenges of blogging in Nigeria and how money slow to enter.

When your hair is laid and make up isn't runny even under 40 degrees of heat . 

When someone asks you what kind of rubbish career is blogging and why you're wasting your time?
But you still want me to tweet about your business abi?
When you see your post/video on Bella Naija-Mama I made it!

...But then the post gets some unwarranted bad comments. Sigh

When a brand offers to send you free stuff + pays due compensation.

When friends and friends of friends request that you post stuff for free on your blog because..."what are friends for"?  and you tell them you'll think about it.
Still thinking about it 

When your 7 minute video tells you "10 hours remaining to get uploaded on YouTube"

When you respond to an advert enquiry and they want to pay N5,000 instead of the N20, 000 you quoted.

But you try to negotiate because at all at all naim bad pass .

Did I miss anything?


  1. Hilarious indeed !

  2. Kemi it is only u bloggers that can understand this nah

  3. Lmao. This is Hilarious mehn..and So bloody true!

  4. Lolssss,jeez so so true, it happens in d event planning industry as well. Some clients would be like if you plan my events for free,u will get all d publicity u can dream of, I Knw dis and dat blogger . Story story.

  5. BV Advertisers21 July 2016 at 06:58

    Kemi, How won't God punish you people? Angel Eze doesn't face these nonsense! You know why? She forgives and move on unlike dark minds like you all. You come everyday to angel eze's blog itsblogvine.blogspot.com, if you can post this why didn't you post angel eze's more inspirational and educative post about bloggers that is entitled "Other Bloggers Can Make It Too" you see your life? How can God reward you if you only do good to your friends and thoes you expect something from? The sisiyemi nova see anything because God punishes those that act against his own angel eze...you people are haters associations of a blessed and favoured blogger angel eze of www.itsblogvine.blogspot.com, wwww.angelezeblog.blogspot.com. may the God of Angel Eze put you people to shame.

    1. Lol,this your idea of blowing is so hilarous. Throwing shades and curses at those who have gone far ahead of you in the industry? Tiri gbosa for you! And why should anybody visit your whack blog? Yes whack cos I visited once out of curiousity and I don't see why I should visit again with your boring template and colour blocking. Come back after you have resolved those and stop crying over your so called article not getting featured.

      KFB Voltron

  6. Hmm angel eze begging pple to help upgrade her blog? Thoight you were making mouth how you are so rich and all? Beside how do you pple to visit your blog and not be able to comment? Craze dey worry you true true.

  7. Angel eze go for deliverance you are so unstable


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