“Witch” Owl That Stormed Bishop Oyedepo’s Church in Kenya Causes Controversy, Church Under Investigation

According to Pastor Ngutu, the “demonic” bird was sent to disrupt and torment church activities.
However, his post has attracted massive criticism from a section of Kenyans who now want the man of God to be arrested by the Kenya Wildlife Service for killing an innocent bird’ they said just wandered to the church compound because of the proximity to its habitat which was situated nearby. image
Currently the 20,000 seaters capacity Winners Chapel which is situated along Mombasa Road that is less than a kilometre from the Nairobi National Park is currently under investigation for breaching laws aimed at the protection of rare wildlife especially in a country like Kenya that frowns upon animal brutality.
Efforts by Ngutu to defend his post attracted even more criticism by his own church members as the “witch” refused to turn to its original form as it lay dead on the church premises. Meanwhile the residing pastor continues to display no sense of remorse.


  1. Every owl is now a witch. How unfortunate of the poor creature! This is what happens when pastor trying to engrave his spiritual prowess on the mind of his congregation. He can't prove that that bird is a witch. May God himself lead us aright.

  2. Seems like the commandment that says "thou shalt not kill" doesn't apply to some pastors...

    Animal violation In Africa is like Corruption and Africa..

    if they arrest and break one of his thumb, his next post will be "Owl is a beautiful creature by God"..

    Religion is making people crazy, seriously

  3. Chai!
    What is wrong with all these god of men.
    Is being an owl now a sin ?

    1. No be only God of men, na government.

  4. Oduuuuu make una allow person hear word


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