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For every time I go through my Instagram timeline, I see so many ‘She said yes!’ posts and I think that’s totally awesome.
Even more awesome for me because the wedding industry is a very interesting industry full of beautiful wedding ideas, colours etc. Although weddings are beautiful, many people don’t really think about the marriage. I’ve found out that a lot of people especially the ladies get so wrapped up in the idea of the wedding that they forget about the actual commitment they are making to their significant other.

 I’ve read so many marriage fail stories and I’ve realized that the truth of the matter is that the individuals were ready for a wedding, but not a marriage. Please take a moment to read some of the reasons why you shouldn’t say yes, if your heart really says no. This also goes for why you shouldn’t ask, if your heart says no.

You’re not ready to get married…
1. If you are emotionally connected to your ex or another individual
2. If you are getting married due to an ultimatum and/or deadline
3. If you’re only getting married because you are expecting
4. If there are existing trust, honesty, and/or respect issues
5. If you don’t agree with the lifestyle that your spouse is involved with now
6. If you only want to be married to avoid being lonely
7. If you’re only getting married for money or financial stability
8. If you are only getting married because you feel pressure from family and friends
9. If one or both of you are suffering from addiction.
10. If you both have two different religious beliefs and are not willing to compromise.


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