Ufuoma Ejenobor talks marriage to European, sex strike at home, celebrity marriages and lots more

Last weekend, at the exclusive screening of new TV series Duplicity, KFB met and had a chat with talented TV star, actress Ufuoma Ejenobor McDermott
In the brief chat, the pretty mother of two talks about her marriage to Steven McDermott‎, sex strike at home, celebrity marriages and other issues about her career.

You are part of the cast of this new TV series, Duplicity, what do you have to say about it?
Duplicity is a series which would make viewers glued to their TV sets. It is a must-watch for everyone.

This is the first time we are seeing you, play twin roles, how was the experience?
I liked the fact that the characters were direct opposites, so I know that as an actor, it afforded me the opportunity to show dexterity. I jumped on the script when I first saw and read it. 

Do you usually sit back, watch and criticize your movies and aim to get better?
Of course I do. I try as much as I can to up my games and do better. 

You have been a bit scarce in Nigerian home videos, seems you have upped your games and standards?
Well, I have been in a couple of films lately, Wives on Strike, Kings, This House Is Not For Sale, and a couple of others.

Talking about Wives on Strike? What could make you 'sex- strike' at home?
(Laughs) but whatever it is, it should be a personal reason. Maybe that's a bit extreme, but I always believe in dialogue. 

You have been doing movies, going on tours, how do you merge it all with family and still stand tall?
Somehow, you put your life together in order of scale of preference. It's all about proper planning and arrangements, that's the basic things that everyone should know how to handle. 

Would you say, that's why you have been scandal free in the industry?
Of course! For me work is work. Just like same way a banker goes to work, when he or she closes, he or she comes home and face the family. 
For me, acting is work and of course, I know where to draw the line whenever i'm in my line of duty.
I just do my thing and be fine without getting into anyone's way.

You have been married for years, blessed with two adorable kids, but some of your single colleagues are scared of that institution called marriage, because of the increasing rate of break-ups, what's your sincere advise for them? 
Marriage is beautiful! It is a beautiful thing. I don't think that there's anybody who would not agree that it is indeed a beautiful thing, but we all know that inside a marriage, there are two people involved, so it's normal for you guys to have frictions, arguments and stuffs like that.
As long as it's not domestic violence, just don't take it too seriously. Sit down with your partner, dialogue and find a solution. Understand your differences and try as much as you can to resolve it.
If it's an extreme case, you can bring in family members to intervene. 

At what point should a woman walk out of a marriage?
I don't know! That is an individual decision. 

At some points, some actresses that started with you, lost it along the way, they left the industry entirely, what has been your staying power?
I think for me, I have never been like someone who wants to reign or let's say a seasonal actor. I have been consistent for 12 years and I can't even give the glory to myself but God. I just do what I have to do.

How have you been coping with marriage to a foreigner? 
It makes no difference, you cope the same way you cope with husband's from same state, country, tribe, etc.
There might be a bit of cultural differences but it's all about understanding and dialogue. Do lots of talking with your partner and get any kind of issue resolved. 

What could make Ufuoma shed midnight tears? 
Well, I can't remember right now. But every human being has his or her low moments in life, life is not so perfect after all.
People shouldn't be carried away with what they see. During your down moments, how you dust yourself and move on matters a lot and as well makes us all different.

When stepping out for social functions, how do you like to dress?
Simple, chic and classy!

After two kids, you still looking great, what's the secret?
Honestly, I am very lucky, i'm not the kind of person who doesn't have break-outs. I don't wear make-ups all the time. Then I do spas and lots of exercise. I hardly do gym, but I like to run- morning and evening.
I don't like rice, bread, I try to eat right; lots of fruits, vegetables, and the likes.


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