Uche Jombo, OAP Freeze and the Ooni of Ife's wife tackle each other in the Gender inequality debate

So yesterday, the wife of the Ooni of Ife, Olori Wuraola Otiti caused quite a stir after she revealed that she is not a believer of gender equality. While speaking at the Emerging Women’s Forum in Maryland, USA, she  explained that women have very pivotal roles to play but cannot be equal to men. She also mentioned that relationships fail because women want to act like the men.

"I am not a huge fan of gender equality. We can’t be equal, We cant be men. We have our roles to play here, a very pivotal one.
Her Majesty went on to speak about the powerful roles women play and how women should tap into their powers by exploring themselves in order to reach extraordinary heights, as opposed to fighting for power with their male counterparts.
The modern pattern of feminism has succeeded in limiting women of the heights they could reach; gender equality is unrealistic. We can never be equal with men, we are here for a great purpose, we have our roles to play we are powerful and we are a force of nature." she said

Well, actress Uche Jombo doesn't quite agree with her!

And then OAP Freeze shared his own thoughts too.

The loquacious OAP, who recently had a very messy break up with first wife, submitted his own point of view in an interview with Genevieve magazine.
“The concept of being a feminist is something that denies many women of having a husband,” he said, adding, “there are no roles for men and no roles for women.”
Though he says feminists never find husbands, he turned around to contradict himself; feminists do marry, but he expects them to act in a certain type of way.
“When you find yourself in a situation, you react to it accordingly,” he said, and continued, “if you marry an African man, you should know that you shouldn’t tell him to do the dishes unless he chooses to help you out.”
Read his full comment:
The concept of being a feminist is something that denies many women of having a husband. There are no roles for men and no roles for women. When you get to a situation, your intelligence, experience and your gut feeling should guide you.
When you find yourself in a situation, you react to it accordingly. If you marry an African man, you should know that you shouldn’t tell him to do the dishes unless he chooses to help you out. I can mention quite a few feminists. Rather I would give a quote from ancient Rome that says, ‘Women rule the world; but not by stomping down their pretty little feet.
Women that have ruled the world have done so by manipulating men and using what they have to get what they want. Demanding authority doesn’t work. I am not a feminist and would never marry one.
Women need to be careful not to create an imbalance in the society because it would be at the detriment of their children.
Let’s be careful not to create an imbalance that will turn Nigeria into another America where everyone has a mum and no daddy.”
So kfbers, what do you think about all these?


  1. Mumu talk every where.

    Peeps, I'm sorry I'll have to come from the religious point of view here:

    God created us equal but He made the man "the head" just as Christ is the head of the church.

    The wife is the man's responsibility; for this reason, it is written in the Bible that a man that can't provide for his family is worse than an infidel.

    Women respect your husband and you husband, love your wife,. So says the Bible.

    The family is the first institution created by God and it is through this institution He intends to populate and replenish the earth, raising children that will be God fearing and responsible.
    The Devil's assignment aside to kill, steal and destroy is also to attack the family institution.
    One of illuminati's grand plan is to reduce world population and the feminism trend that is all around is part of the plan of the devil.

    If you attack the family, the church will be weak, the children will be rebellious, the home will be in shambles and the world at large will be easy for the devil to manipulate.

    Ever wondered why divorce and depression rate is higher in the developed countries despite the booming economy?

    My dear feminist, every man is egoistic that is the reason a man that is in love with is wife, either responsible or not will go to any length to provide for is home simple because he doesn't want another man to take his place. God put the ego in man for a reason(to work harder to earn more for the family and also to defend his famiky) ever wondered why the man will lock-up the children and wife in the room while he goes out to face the armed robbers even if it a suicide mission.

    The moment you challenge a man or you aim to be equal with him, trust me u'll never get the best from that man.

    Women, learn to love, respect and trust your men.
    You married him because you know he is capable to lead, don't drag the steering with him.

    Offer words of encouragement, advice, support, take care of him because he is your big baby, and don't ever make him feel less than the man of the home.

  2. GOD created man first and he created woman from man... We can't be equal... Never

  3. After carrying feminism for head like gala, at old age they begin to console themselves that it is not compulsory to get married.

    I really feel sorry for some ladies. These lot end up bitter and never see anything good in happy people. Sadly, I know some, and these ones will never take correction. Always shouting equal rights equal rights like if they grew up in homes where equal rights was practiced there would have been peace between their parents.

    A woman is created to be soft an pampered not hard and "emotionlessly" brittle like the male folks.

    Nigerian women are beginning to learn bad things from west in the guise of westernization.

    Oh well, it is none of my business, I can only but watch aloof.

  4. Some people don't really understand meaning of gender equality. It is fighting so that in the general society women are entitled to the same rights as men and some men should shut up when it comes to this issue because you are not the ones walking in these shoes. Some country or community women can't drive,ur daughter gets raped and you are the one that get a fined,you balance your home life with work,work tirelessly in the office after sleepless nights and your male colleague is considered for promotion before you just because you are a women. What u decide to do in your home is left to you and your spouse, but my daughter and myself should have the right to pursue our life ambitions without been restricted by our gender.and sorry to say some Nigerians are so religious and stuck up that they don't see things from others point of view.

  5. I really don't understand freeze point of view its so distorted

  6. I think there should be a lecture on this topic, then more people would understand what's all about if not some people would be mislead.

  7. A man is the head, it is wrong for women to try and share equality with men

  8. If i get Uche Jombo s pointvof view... Dat a man is d head does nt mean d woman is d tail. The same christ dat said women submit urselves to ur husband also said man love ur wife. So everyone has their own role to play


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