Toyin Aimakhu addresses colleague, Mercy Aigbe as "Aunty" | Fans go beserk

So a few minutes ago, actress Toyin Aimakhu posted a photo of herself with her colleague Mercy Aigbe and captioned it thus  "I love u aunty mercy,thanks for ur love and support always"

Of course, the post got many talking.

Why address her as "Aunty" her fans asked.

One Ewa Ivory wrote "I heard mercy likes people callin her aunty and I think it's gross😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 me I love both of them especially Toyin @aimakhutoyin , she can call mercy aunty when you see her but not on social media. ......abeg this is my last comment before insta blog would cast me"
While one Yinka Jennifer wrote "Wat is wrong in Toyin calling Mercy Aunty? I dnt know y people like making issues out of noting. @barbiesmiley where did u get dat info from? And wat is gross if she likes people calling her aunty?"

Responding to all the brouhaha, Toyin Aimakhu wrote "I call her @mercyaigbegentry aunty cos she's older than me and my parent thought me to respect pple older and moreover she's not my colleague she's more than a sister to me"


  1. @Toyin, it is "taught" not "thought". Eyin fans, pls don't go berserk. Aunty or no Aunty, leave Toyin alone biko

  2. No be yoruba actress,they like being referred to as 'Aunty' more than anything.

  3. What's so special there? She older than her. If she respects her so be it. They should use their time wisely.

  4. And what's the biggie calling her aunty. Anyone that knows Toyin should know she fond of calling her older colleague anuty...whatever that rock your boat.....

  5. Toyin is trying to feel young.
    Stupid idiot. Call her aunty in private and just tag her name on social media.

    Toyin you self you are old trying to make ut look as if everybody in yoruba nollywood movie is older than you. Stupid girl wey no fit speak proper english.

  6. Abeg, gbeboruns of life on social media, please shut up. Metcy us 38 while Toyin is 32,


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