Shocking story of how a Lagos Pastor ordered his church member to beat up and throw out his Wife of 17yrs with 3 Kids (Photos)

A senior pastor at Dayspring Assembly in Lagos (Pastor Harrison Charles) recently tagged his Linus Obasi, Church member's wife a witch and encouraged the husband to get rid of her. Reports further say, the Pastor went a step further to recommend a Calabar girl as her replacement from the same church.
The victim's sister narrates the story thus:
She always called me but I was too busy.
She would cry and jumble her words and I'll listen patiently and told myself not get involved.
You denied the children you bare with her, she kept silent.
You stopped paying their school fees and other bills.
You stopped coitus with her since last year, she endured and remained faithful.
You stopped bringing money home.
Never cared about their feeding, she had a small shop which wasn't enough to cater for herself and her three children, so she started selling Zobo from school to school.
Yet she is the wife of a millionaire!
Then one day, you went to your coven in Dayspring Assembly and they gave you a Calabar girl as an emergency wife and you brought her home.
Your one and only true wife became a persona non grata to you.
They told you she was a witch, you accepted and call her a witch at your pleasure.
You called her Jezebel, Delilah and all sorts, because Harrison Charles, your devil incarnate of a pastor told you so.

Then you ganged up with your calabar midget of a whore to beat her up, after which you disappeared with your whore for months leaving her penniless to cater for your children!
Only to come back again and get even more violent with her because according to you, you have gotten her a self contained which you want her to live in with her children and she dared refuse to pack in there. But you have posh, luxurious buildings which you leased and a duplex!
When your only daughter couldn't stand the trauma of your denial of her, she attempted suicide which, God being so kind, was unsuccessful. You learnt of it and told her to drink acid instead!!

FLASHBACK! Let me remind you of your past, miserable fool.
You married her 17 years ago without a dime!
No, you were a pauper of a classless degree! Not even a bank account to your name!
Remember then, that you lived in Mile 2, in a public yard where you queue up to use the bathroom and toilet. And she was a very beautiful, quiet woman.
Of all her numerous suitors, you were the church rat, yet she choose you.
She started selling akamu and zobo to make ends meet. Soon, she became popular because of the quality of her wares.
From there, you graduated to two rooms public yard in Mile 4.
Remember, she almost died during pregnancy and delivery of your twins who bear striking resemblance to you whom you now deny. She almost died because your stupid religion wouldn't hear of medical care.
She covered your nakedness when you were a broke ass. She broke her back to relieve you of the weight of responsibilities that you were not man enough to carry then. Her knees became scaly because she was always on them for you. She prayed success into your life!
I remember her visions of your prosperity when you lived in one room and you had no job.
She believed in you when everyone wrote you off and she honored and respected you as the husband.
You then moved to two bedroom flat and went further to build your own houses.
I lived with your family for a year and I saw her practically worship you. You could do no wrong in her eyes.
Her humility baffled me.
You had a very peaceful home, how could you destroy a good thing?
She is the type of woman men will give an arm and a leg to have.
During your years of travail, she was your queen. Now, after 17 years of suffering and building with you, she suddenly turns to a witch?
And your midget whore who cannot give account of a penny you have is now an angel??
How could you lift your hand against the wife of your youth?
A fragile, quiet, shy woman who is an embodiment of virtuousness.
You beat her so much, you broke her bone and you refuse to give her money to seek medical attention till date.
I paid her a visit yesterday.
My heart broke and I wept like a child for the first time in a very long time. I couldn't reconcile the bag of bones with a bandage on her arm to the shapey, beautiful, shy, ebony woman I used to know.
Is that what religion has turned you into?
And you tell me you're doing the work of god?
I'm not going to stand and watch you mess up a woman who harboured me and took care of me when I had no one.
You have crossed the line and you have done enough damage both to her and your children!
Tell your pastor that I have become his nemesis!
And as for you, this is just a tip of the iceberg!
Call her names again, that's all I need, then you'll understand that A is different from B!!
For touching her, you'll dance to the tune of the law. This is what you have been doing to women in your coven and they are scared to death of speaking out.
Mr Linus Obasi
You picked the wrong battle this time!
You messed with the wrong woman.
The drums are beating, get ready to dance!!


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