Pageant organizer refuses to pay Yvonne Jegede's hotel bills and return ticket to Lagos because she didn't crown his candidate

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede was almost stranded in Delta State after pageant organizer refuses to pay for hotel bills and return ticket to Lagos, for standing for truth and justice.

According to her post: "I was called to be the chief judge at the Miss Delta Constituency Beauty Pageant that took place on the 24th June in Delta State and while I sat at the table with my fellow judges accessing the contestants making sure we pick who deserves to be queen, the organizer comes to our table to tell us who should win, who his candidate was. The entire judges went angry including myself, wondering why you called us to waste our time if you already knew who the winner was. To be honest we stood our ground and picked the winner because, the obvious was stated, even the audience wanted the judges pick. Now the organizer IK is mad at me (chief judge) and refuses to buy my return ticket to Lagos and also refuses to pay my hotel bills the next morning. Lol.. Just an experience I thought I share. It is well with this country." She wrote.

Kehinde Bankole, Beverely Osu, others hailed her for refusing to be boxed to the wall by the organizers.

  • _kehindebankoleWow. I Have been a contestant at pageants and sometimes even we know who the winner most likely will be based on our own assessment of ourselves but we push and surprise the winner may change as we compete fairly. nobody must be denied the opportunity to fairly compete and try out their chance. Come home let's start exercises. Op flat tummy.

  • beverly_osu@yvonnejegede nne trust me I understand this...u just crowned a Queen and God will never allow anyone remove ur crown.
angelaromas9485Is a good thing you are speaking out. We all know that those beauty pageant competition is all rigged. Please, try and get a return ticket for yourself, next time always make sure your return ticket is ready before embarking on such journey.@yvonnejegede my love for you just doubled, I now know you stand for the truth. Bravo, for standing by what is right, and not settling for less. Nigeria will be great with people like you.

  • queen_annastaciaGod will bless you for standing up against them.Nigerians are highly corrupted after sleeping with the winner and assuring her of her winning slot you really shamed them@yvonnejede I am really proud of you.Heaven have seen your heart and you will be rewarded tremendously .keep it up


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  2. Bia this Kikio Tolu, are you stupid or you learning to be stupid ? How can you be posting your bad market without saying anything on the topic at hand? Receive Senseđź‘‹

  3. Yvonne, may God bless you more.

  4. What a corrupt system! God bless all the judges.

  5. Corruption everywhere. Thank God she chooses rightly. Let's begin to do it right. Bola no need calling KikioTolu names..there are better ways to pass across your message.

  6. Its gud to stand for honesty n justice BT wisdom is profitable to direct ooo. Corruption is everywhere even worse in ghana


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