OMG! See what someone did to an expired lipton pack (photos)

A victim, Ms Jovi posted this on instagram hours ago.

If this isn't wickedness I wonder what is? THIS TEA ORIGINALLY EXPIRED FEBRUARY 2016 AND SOMEONE PLACED ANOTHER RED COVERING MASKING THE ORIGINAL ONE. THIS NEW DATE IS FEBRUARY 2018. TWO YEARS... TWO YEARS. .. .. I noticed "celotape" on the side of the pack of the tea... Honestly u wldnt notice it if u don't look closely. How can a human being do this? Who do u expect to drink this expired tea. And how can u cover it up.. Haba!!!! is it that human life means nothing to us? LET US ALL BE CAREFUL AND VIGILANT.... WHOEVER DID THIS I CURSE YOU AND THE MONEY YOU MADE FROM THIS. THE WAY YOU INTEND TO KILL OTHER PEOPLE THAT IS HOW YOU WILL DIE. TAG PEOPLE WHO DRINK THIS TEA O... LET THEM CHECK THEIR OWN BEFORE THEY CONTINUE TO CONSUME POISON.

 I'm just completely speechless. Spread the word o. Show everyone u know that drinks this tea... Let them check. OMG OMG 😳😳😳😳 I'm glad I've not taken it... But What about people who have? OMG OMG I curse whoever did this


  1. Nawa o! Naija! What won't we see!

    1. Both the rulers and the ruled are fantastically corrupt. This is pure wickedness, extended it for more 2 years....goshhh people no get conscience.

  2. Wow the heart of Man is desperately wicked. choi

    1. The heart of a black man can be likened to the hell the devil himself lives.... Blacks are the worse creatures on surface earth...

  3. It is not just lipton abeg, one now has to be careful and pay attention to what he or she buys.

    1. I must commend you my dear, i guess that'S what they are doing to other products. Please buyers WATCH OUT!

  4. This is bad! it is so wrong... We need to pay attention yo what we buy/consume.

  5. Wickedness.

    We know the tribe that does this, even themselves know. I am not been tribalistic here. I have leaved in a compound by this same people where Red Label and Don Simon drinks were produce and you cant even tell the difference from the imported ones, they sell to supermarkets and bars at cheap price and these people sell them out the same price with the original and even more in bars.

    That was how I was crippling down with malaria, nazo I use my leg go one chemist close to my area in Port Harcourt. They gave me fake Autesonat with original tracking number. Went home took it for good 3 days and it got worst that I couldn't even move, I was rushed to the hospital and the pharmacy in the hospital confirmed the drugs were fake and clone with original tracking number. Was treated of malaria with injections and some drugs in hospital before I was discharged.

    From that time I knew people are heartless. Bought a drug to treat myself and ended up buying a drug that almost killed me.


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