No hope in Buhari’s government, he was not God’s choice for Nigeria – Apostle Suleman

In a recent interview with Encomium, the Apostle said thus:

 “Nigerians chose Buhari and not God. Let me tell you this, at times, God can allow you choose what you want. Your child screams ‘I want ice cream’; out of pressure, you may give him. You may have even warned him that it will cause diabetes but he won’t listen.
Buhari is the sugar Nigerians have taken and now we have become a country that is diabetic. You won’t understand my pain. Why is it that when people were stealing money things were good and now we are recovering and things are bad? I don’t understand the irony of the whole thing.
I can say it again, there is no hope in this government except on God. I heard the Minister of Labour and productivity, Chris Ngige said that Nigerians should be patient for the future, can I ask? Is it a man who is dying of hunger, starving that will see the future?
By the end of the year, by the grace of God, God will be speaking to us concerning the New Year and if there is going to be change, we shall let you know. But like I said, the immediate problems are what we are handling now, and we need to pray because when we talk about austerity, poverty and those travelling for business meetings in China and the rest of them, can I shock you? They will disappoint him.
It would have been better he looks at the challenges of Nigerians, and use the money being wasted to solve them. The truth is this; God will not forgive the present leadership because Nigerians trusted them. Nigerians hoped on them and there is nothing as painful as hope dashed. .
In the time of Goodluck Jonathan, nobody abused him because they didn’t have hope in him, but today, people look at Buhari and they shake their head because they don’t even know what to say to him. Recently, I learnt that even the Northerners, his own people don’t want to hear anyone mention his name around them. I see his ministers resigning, and this will be as a result of frustration."


  1. Before you take this mallam serious, note these:

    This same demented cleric predicted that Jonathan will win the 2015 election.

    This same freestyle cleric predicted the death of El-rufai but perhaps forgot the date of the said death.

    So whenever this humming bird of a prophet prophecize, know that the reverse will be the case

  2. For in the last days, many false prophets shall arise

  3. Why didn't Apostle Suleman run for president in 2015 if he knows how to solve Nigeria's problems sharp sharp?

  4. Pray for the peace of Nigeria:
    “May those who love you be secure.
    May there be peace within your walls & security within your citadels.”
    For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.”
    For the sake of the house of the LORD our
    God, I will seek your prosperity.

  5. According to him, when billions of naira were being stolen, there was no problem. But when same money is being recovered, there are hunger, frustration etc. He has forgotten same Bible that says that there are seasons and times. God allows all. God is d Judge. So to him, d stealing must go on abated. Then d hunger and frustration might have gone hay wire. D looters might have doubled their activities , at least, they cannot remain stagnant


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