Only God could have done this! My son's legs were trapped underneath the four tyres of the tractor

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I bless the name of the Lord God of Israel Who is also the God of the universe. HE is the Omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient. God is amazing. HE is glorious. HE is a wonderful and a miracle-working God.
In November 2014,I got a call from my son who is a heavy tractor driver with one of the big construction companies telling me he had just had an accident. He did not give details so I thought it was a minor accident.
I rushed to the place to find out that it was a very serious one. My son's legs were trapped underneath the four tyres of the tractor. How?
Commotion every where.
However, I found the courage to do one and only thing at that moment. And that was to shout the name JESUS.
I put a call across to my Pastor. This is beyond man. God had to intervene..
The Pastor calmed me down saying nothing could be achieved by my agitation at that moment but by the mercy of God.
He prayed along with me calling on the God of our fathers. He even used our G.O's name to plead with God to do what HE alone could do.
Three hours after being trapped under the tyres of a tractor weighing several thousands of tons,my son had a visit from God.
Only God could have done it because at that time, how to get him out with little damage was the concern of everyone present
God intervened. HE showed up as the Almighty, the Wisdom.
Help came and he was flown by an air ambulance to the hospital.
At the hospital they were amazed that no major damage was done to both legs. After two weeks of treatment, he started using these same legs to walk unaided.
This is what the God of RCCG has done.
HE kept me and my family especially my son on the winning side.


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  2. Truly only God could have done it. Its well.

  3. God is great and His deeds marvelous

  4. To Him alone - the Alpha and Omega be all the glory.

  5. Hope you're good Kemi? No update/ news today?

  6. Hi Nike, how are you? All is well. I am online now, thankyou for checking up on me. Love you muchos :0


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