Man publicly stripped by mob for stealing lady's phone (photos)

The 22 year old young man pictured above was caught in a smart attempt to steal a lady's phone.
According to reports, he had successfully moved the phone but on his way out of the lady's shop, he was apprehended by someone who noticed his strange movement. 

He was striped unclad and flogged thoroughly with canes.

The police came in a few minutes later and took him away.

More pictures below


  1. Jungle justice....but why the stealing nah

  2. I feel so sorry for the small boy....

  3. every day for the thief but one day for the owner.

  4. He's lucky he wasn't killed before the cops get to the scene. Ole!

  5. ever since they snatched my bag, handset and money from me on 30th of March in front of my compound, i have learnt not to petty them again.

    it is true that this country is not favourable to everybody including me but that is not the reason why robbery should be their best option.

    infact i like how this one is caught, my prayer is that more should be caught and disgraced as well!


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