Man sets his wife ablaze around UNIBEN and flees

Not actual photo
On Saturday night, a tragic incident occured in JB street, Ekosodin Ugbowo, around UNIBEN.

An eyewitness and kfber who resides around the area sent in the report below:
"...its actually a campus area and I happen to live there because of the nearness to school. I heard a noise outside and decided to know what's going on. At first I thought It was normal cultist fight again, not until I saw people crying. I was so scared and asked what happen and I was told that a man poured fuel on his wife and set her  ablaze and he ran away. Kemi this woman was badly burnt the weavon she fix peeled off on her skin her skin was layers are all gone as at the time I  ran out she was been rushed to the hospital but I heard hospitals are on strike so I don't know how she's going to survive the terrible burns and pain. Everyone is saying different versions of what happened to the woman. Some men are wicked ooo, ladies please be careful the kind of man you marry he will
either make or mar you...

Gosh, this is so sad!


  1. This is sad! I pray she survive it.
    The stupid criminal should continue running, he can't escape the law.

  2. Hhmmmmnnn
    "Ladies please be careful the kind of man you marry he will either make or mar you..." #Word
    This is terrible!

  3. Yes some men/women can make or mar you.


  5. I'm tired of these news! like seriously!

  6. Wow. Hope the man has now bn arrested

  7. some women stays in marriage they are not happy with..

    this might not be the first or second time the husband maltreats her and she stays in the marriage.

    stay and die in marriage you are not loved.

    those unmarried women are more happy than those that are married.

    "some " women and dia stupidity baffles me..

    when he succeeds in killing you, he will marry another wives a week after your burial

  8. This is what the Bible says, the heart of Man is evil and wicked. We may say we're living in grace, but let it be known to us that there's a repercussion for every sin we commit. May the soul of the poor woman rest in peace.


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