#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! The Engineer who became a drummer

God is God Who repays one. HE did it in my life and beyond my imagination.
I am a structural Engineer by profession and working at a place.
I had been taught to have many streams of income. Little did l know that one could not get paid for some work done.

  In addition to my work,l played instruments at a church where they paid me monthly. At least, it's labor.
However, l noticed that within the eight months of joining them at the church, l was no longer buoyant. I was becoming financially unstable unlike when l was having one job.
Yet, l could not lay my finger on the problem.
One day, l was invited to a program in another church. While there, their drummer was a not getting the rhythm  at all, so l volunteered  to come on board.
Because of what they saw in me, I was invited for their vigil the following night. I honored it.
For the following Sunday, they pleaded with me to come play for them. No hassles. No fees collected for the three day assignment.
But my God surprised me in amazing way.
I got to work the next day which was Monday to get a letter of promotion.
That was the first miracle.
I became a member of the Senior engineers in d office.
I then decided to thank God for this by saying l would work free for HIM in HIS vineyard.
At least if working for God for three days could get me a higher level, let me make HIM my Employer.
That was how l started with the new place,and truly God was faithful, and has since been.
HE gave me wisdom to manage my income. I became better off. Things were coming to me by the grace of Him Who showed the way.
I learned a way- give God your talent- it comes from Him though, and HE makes a way.


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