#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I lost my mum and things turned around

This song of Steve Crown,' Everything written about You is great 'comes to play in my heart as l reflect in the power of God the Almighty. The Lord reigned in His majesty over my life.
When l was in my final year at the University, l lost my mother. It was precisely five months to my final laps of examination.

   I felt all hope was lost as regards who to finance my education then.
My mother had all along been responsible for about 70% of the tuition fees and other expenses.
And being in the last year, my spending would increase. One of the expenses would be to cover my project.
   Thank God, HIS Word in Mat.6:25 came powerfully to me. ' I should not be anxious of anything '
I held on to this as l journeyed  through the session.
My project was to gulp N80,000. Where would this come from.
Two weeks to the final exams, I had not started the practical aspect of the project.
My Supervisor became worried and called me on several occasions to enquire of my plans towards completing my project before the session closed.  All my mates under her had completed theirs.
But l had no plan, l must confess here !
There was no cash. I did not have a laptop to work with. All my mates were using theirs. Who would lend me his or hers at this period ? And it was essential.
   However, l held on to God's Word. I remained calm in helplessness. Would l go after prostitutions? People say l am a beautiful girl. Does that  really matter? I fear God. I was declaring positively to myself, prophesying what l wanted to become. 'I am a success and not a failure' . 'A way would be made for me where there was no way'.
My Supervisor gave me N5000 a week to my exams to start something. She is a mother l would say. My friend's mother too gave me N5000.
I had N10000 out of the N80000 l needed. Too far from the target !
I decided to enter into a covenant with God. I would sow in tears and wait on Him to do what He deemed fit or best for me.
I sowed a seed of N5000 out of the project money  of N10000 and l used the remaining to start the project.
Three days later, an Uncle of mine sent N20000. I was happy for this, though.
Because of the examinations, I suspended the project.
The exams came and ended but for us to be told on the last day- a Friday - that our internal defense would be the following Tuesday.
By then, I had not typed anything.
Thank God, the Holy Spirit led me to meet a friend that Friday evening who made his system available on learning l had not started. I worked through that evening as never done, met my Supervisor Saturday afternoon and she helped me perfect my slide for internal defense.
  The external defense was to follow the week after, l submitted my hard copy to my Supervisor, she had nothing to correct, yet we both knew the project was incomplete.
I was expected to add some tests and their results which would cost me N15000.
How would l get the money within two days to carry them out and had them printed?
The external Supervisor, as we learnt, was a very strict but intelligent woman. Those of my mates who met with her early that day had not impressed her. They had received discouraged news despite the fact that their projects were completed and done to time.
Some rearrangements had to done. I believed it was by God
My number was supposed to be among those who would see her by afternoon of that day. As we would later have it, l had mine later in the evening. There were panic among us but l was just reminding God of the covenant He entered with me.
  When my time came, the Holy Spirit  changed the language and the tempo.
I had a great time with the woman. No question was asked. I was only told to explain the process of achieving the whole project. She went through it and scored me very high- an A
  Would you want to say it happened because it came in the evening?
No. Emphatically No.
The Lord made me escape. My lapses were not seen nor found out.
I would have loved to do the tests but l was incapacitated by finance.
My other mates who had theirs later after mine did not find it easy.
For you to appreciate this much, one of the lecturers, who was there during my defense had to tell me the day following, that it could have taken God to be involved in my graduating that year. She was a friend to my Supervisor. She knew all the issues surrounding my project.
All of them , my lecturers, marveled at the turn of things
And l give it to HIM Who is able to make all things beautiful at His own time.
Everything about this God is great !


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