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 Hello Kemi, how are you? 
God made me live again.

Yes, l died but God in His infinite mercy brought me back to life. I can not hide His work on me. Surely, God confirmed His name and Sovereignty that He is GOD that makes alive and can also kill. What can HE not do? He is Unquestionable God.

Some Saturdays ago, l was involved in a fatal accident with my own car. What l remembered last was seeing the airbag ejected when the accident occurred.
I was taken to the hospital where the doctor on duty was said to have confirmed me dead.
This was because he did not feel my pulse.

After about three hours of being lifeless,no attention on my body anymore.
My wife stood in the gap for me.
God loves her.
God loves me.
God loves and also honors His servant.

When there was no one else, my wife joined her faith with that of the Man of God who had blessed the anointing oil of all the members present in the service some Sundays before then.
I suddenly felt my wife's hand applying the oil on my feet.
I got up,bewildered.
I told them that l could not stay overnight  in the midst of dead bodies !

Judging by the scene of the accident,nobody would believe l could sleep in my house that night.
God is mighty.
I tremble at His might.
I worship Him Who is able to make all things be as He wants them to be.
Who am l,Lord , to receive this great Favour from You?

My soul rejoices in the Lord Who alone does great and marvelous things of which I am a part.
All my being can not praise You enough.
I bless You, Lord. Hallelujah ! Amen !


  1. Wow what a great testimony God is indeed merciful

    1. Yes indeed we serve a merciful God. He is full of compassion, slow to anger and wonderful

  2. God please gimme a big testimony too o

  3. Ige bube Chineke


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