KFB Foodie Talk: How to make Chicken coconut curry with shrimp

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Today she discusses how to make Chicken coconut curry with shrimp!
This is a really easy and quick recipe you're definitely going to love. Chicken curry simmered in coconut milk with shrimp is one dish i love making especially when i need a quick fix for a sumptuous meal. i'm a real chicken lover while some members of the fam are practically tired of eating chicken. When i first thought about this meal i really wanted to make the recipe solely with shrimp but to be frank, it tasted bland and not well suited for my naija taste buds. So, i had to throw in a few chicken parts and Voila! the taste became impeccable. It's quite similar to Chicken curry and goes very well with rice, potato,yam and vegetables. Let's try this.

How to make chicken coconut curry with shrimp
• Prep Time:
20 minutes
• Cook time: 30 minutes
• Total time:  50 minutes
• Misc:           Serve hot

• 1 kilo chicken, cut into chunks
• 1 clove garlic, minced
• 3 medium sized carrots
• 2 green Bell pepper
• green beans (a handful)
• spring onion (a handful)
• 2 cups coconut milk 
• 2 seasoning cubes
• 1 medium sized Onion
• 1 tbsp.Thyme 
• 2 tbsps. Curry 
• salt (to taste)

Step 1: Wash and chop the onion, carrot, green beans, green pepper, spring onion, red bell pepper - Set this aside. 

Step 2: Chop the chicken, rinse thoroughly and place in a medium sized pot. Add some of the chopped onion, curry powder, garlic, crushed seasoning and salt to taste. Place the pot on the burner and let the meat cook for about 10 minutes till it gives off its juice. Add a little more water to the pot and cook for about 10 minutes more. 

Step 3: Gently pour the coconut milk into the chicken stock in the pot, stir and leave to cook for about 3 minutes. Add the shrimp and leave to cook for 5 minutes. Add the chopped vegetables, stir and leave to simmer for 2 minutes. Turn off the burner and serve!



  1. Replies
    1. If you try it, you'll like it.
      I've made this so many times, and it tastes delicious, even though I usually use canned coconut milk and that makes it more creamier.


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