KFB Churchy & Fly: For the love of fashion belts (Volume 10)

For the newbies, KFB Churchy and Fly is our fashion column, where we bring you all the dose of inspiration you need to stun for JESUS on Sundays.   

You can keep up with the other volumes you have missed (HERE).  

Today we are talking about fashion belts and 40+ creative ways to rock ém!

Gone are those days when belts were used to make your loose dresses or pants fit, yup, belts are now are now the latest fashion supplements and they are here to stay.

A belt is now one of the most important accessories that a woman can own.
So ladies it's time to pick up those belts (from the thin, to the thick ones) or better still get new sets of belts and add more life, color and "effizy" to your church look.

Enjoy the pictures below as we hope to inspire you on how and when to use your belts. 

Photo credit: Instagram

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Join us again next week for another trend to rock to Church...whoop!


  1. Nice thankyou kfb

  2. Ooshey but belt is not for everyone esp fat people

    1. Did you have to use the word fat????????

  3. Ose Kemi all so lovely. Women are beautiful. I am also one #winks.

  4. Kemi nwa mgbeke

  5. Well done kemi

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  9. Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuutifullllllll

  10. Kemi i that you or your twin sis in the first photo? I ca hardly differentiate you both.

  11. Women don't cover their heads to Church again


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