#KemiFilaniTours The KFB experience at the Lekki Conservation Centre's Canopy walk and Savannah!!! (photos, videos)

Kemi Filani and Penzaar

Ding Dong..it's time for our monthly KFB Tour reflection!

For the Newbies, the #KemiFilaniTours is more like a travel journal, where KFB visits tourist /historic/fun centers (locally/internationally) and gives you the gist. 

So far, KFB has visited Jos (HERE), the Olumo rock in Abeokuta (HERE), the ultra modern amusement Hi-impact park (HERE), the Agodi Gardens and Zoo in Ibadan (HERE) and now Lagos!

This time around, it was just me, the KFB tour director, Penzaar of Penzaarvilleafrica and our amazing friend, Erad (a graphics designer) that embarked on the trip.

Beautiful KFBer Peju, who won the lucky slot (HERE) was supposed to join the trip but she bailed out on the morning of the D-day due to unavoidable reasons :(



Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) is one of Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) foremost conservation project site. Located on the renowned Lekki Peninsula, LCC covers a land area of 78 hectare. Administratively, LCC is situated in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State.
The Lekki conservation centre  is a great place to enjoy nature & get away from the hustle and bustle of busy Lagos life.

Nice trees, quiet and peaceful and some animals to be seen.

One of the Peacocks

On our arrival, we were greeted by a cute monkey and  Peacocks.

We just couldn’t resist but watch in complete amazement. We were however s told by the tour guides not be noisy because the animals will get scared and melt into the woods.

That is the Monkey on the white object
 We went to the reception hall, paid our fees (N1000) to enter the centre and another (N1000) to use the Canopy Walk facility!

 And then a tour guide led us into the forested foreground of the park via a very long wooden bridge where we were  confronted with thick with beautiful trees on either side of the elevated wooden path raised above the earth.
Oh la la!
A quick pose at the starting point
And a selfie
Group selfie with the tour guide
Making faces...
More faces...
Another selfie

The movement



We finally arrived at Canopy Walkway after trekking for about 10 minutes.


So we took a quick selfie
Not sure i remember what I was doing with my phone, lol

Rested for some seconds

A quick one

Kemi and Erad

 The Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) canopy walkway, built with metal pillars, is the main attraction to the destination.

Oya Dab!

The aerial foot bridge is 401 metres long, 0.6 meters wide and 22.5 meters high, thus making it the longest in Africa.
 It is not recommended for persons below the age of 14 years. Even for adults, it is very challenging and for those afraid of heights, they should not venture into it while, nursing mother should not back their child to climb.


Trio..the tourists

Us again

It was scary at first. I couldn't look down but by the time we reached the fourth bridge, I had become used to it!

After about 20minutes we finished walking through the walk way and headed to the Savannah grassland. The savannah grassland is so beautiful, it has several huts and can be used for photo shoots, meeting points or for relaxation.



Some other tourists


Adeola joined us later....

After relaxing for about 20 minutes, we left the Savannah. We had to use these big boots cos the pathway to the main entrance was swampy.

Whoop everyone loves KFB!
It was a scary but fun experience!

Thanks for reading through..join us again for an amazing tour next month and this time we intend having two kfbers join us.

If you will like to be part of our next trip, send us a mail now via kemisolafilani@gmail.com.

We are totally open to ideas from you to make this #KemiFilaniTours more fun...so please tell it all via the comment section, thankyou. You can also keep up with our updates on instagram, @kemifilaniblog..whoop!

Also if you have got amazing sites/centers you will like us to check out, do tell it us!



  1. Whaooooo, all I see is fun, fun, fun *shines teeth* Nice one *applause* Thank God for safe trip(s). God be praised!

  2. Abeg make una cum Abuja....

    1. The same Abuja I live in? There is no fUn place in Abuja at all abeg

    2. The aso rock is a fun place oh

    3. You really had fun

      Please visit http://www.topmosttree.com/2016/01/quotes-by-folorunso-alakija-richest.html

  3. Kemi come to Ghana, it is more fun

  4. Kemi you are so petite and cute

  5. Fun!!! #Happypeople#

  6. Nice one kemi

  7. You know how to have fun ooooo. I want to go with you for your next trip biko but i hope it is outside naija sha.

  8. Kemi you should upload these videos on youtube so that once can just watch it once instead of these short short instagram videos hun.

  9. Obudu cattle ranch, idanre hill, omu resort,

  10. Is this the kemi filani's photographer boo that some commenters always mention here. Kemi please approve this comment pls

  11. I read somewhere that there are animals in the LCC, kemi did you see any apart from the peacock and monkey?

  12. Cool. When is the next tour and what are criteria to follow?

  13. Wow didn't know lekki has a reservation centre like this

  14. Kemi so you dey fear like this. See how you were shaking in the video, hehehe

  15. I cldnt make it cos of my baby kemi!tnx for the priviledge dou I'm lucky to have won!peju


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