Jide Kosoko’s representatives bounced by Henrietta Kosoko’s relatives in Abraka

Last week,53 year old Nollywood Icon, Mrs Henrietta Kosoko passed away. Her burial initially scheduled to hold in Lagos was cancelled as the family of the deceased demanded for her corpse.
However when the family of the deceased came for her corpse, they delivered a message to the actor to stay away from his late wife’s relatives in order to avoid trouble.

The actor reportedly yielded to their order and stayed back in Lagos. About 6 Nollywood stars he sent to Abraka to represent him were sent back.
A source close to the veteran actor told YMG said Henrietta’s family members didn’t do the right thing. “If you want him to pay dowry, why not have him pay it now with interest so he can give the mother of his children a befitting burial. This culture is out of it” – the source added.
This is why there are no photos from the burial.
Everybody that came from Lagos with the exception of close family members were not permitted to witness Henrietta’s final burial.


  1. E don do... Make them allow the woman rest in peace!

  2. I don't no why some people take this life so difficult for them self, the body is nothing any longer. Her family should go to hell.

    1. No Bolty you go to hell. It is the tradition of the people learn to respect what other people hold dear. This is the major problem we have in this country that is making it not move forward. RESPECT.

  3. @Nike, One Billion Likes for your comment. You took the words right from my mouth.

  4. Wonder shal never end in Naija. LAZY folks always hav sinister motive of making profit(s) from relatives' burial arrangement. If permited, they can even put d corpse on sale!

    1. REALLY? I dont blame you guys at all the woman is the cause of these insults. You stay with a man for how many years without him putting a ring on your finger! the family of course is not happy with him period.

  5. They shd reject Kosoko's children now. They do not belong to their daughter 's family. How they wil settle that in future when the children come of age and are occupying positions. I only wish the two children beware of their mother's family. A family that would not mind washing their dirty linen to the public- a smear to the children

    1. Yori for your information the children actually belong now to the woman's family because the man did not pay dowry so he cant lay claim to them ok.


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