We hope all is well with former actress Victoria Inyama- See her Instagram posts

Former Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama was one of the most sort after faces in the movie industry years ago but she has since settled down with her hubby and kids abroad.
She is married to literary personality and author of The Famished Road, Ben Okri with some lovely kids (See photos Here).
So today, she decided to take her fans back through memory lane during the 'most turbulent periods of her life'

She posted the photo above and captioned it: "Amazing how I can look cool during one of d most turbulent periods in my life? I actually cut my hair to herald a new phase of my life. June 2014. When tribulation pours, I had cried all night and woke up d next day, powdered my face, shoulders held up high, I took ma selfie. Truth is, All fall down but Don't stay down, weep then wipe your eyes and tank God for makeup. Face beat and whooooooshhhhh. Mind who U tell your problems to..What I do?? I dress down, knell down, groan, speak in tongues, cry, talk, I wrestle with my maker, cause he Alone knows. Weeping may endure @ night but We Rise and up up up in d morning. Try Never to wear d problems. Have Faith in God. Believe in his Promises. Hope and Pray. We have a God who Never fails. Good."

Meanwhile, the other day she wrote something which leaves fans wondering if all is well with the darling screen diva.
 "Another one bites d dust! American Actor Michael Jace sentenced to prison for killing his wife. His lawyer calls it "passion killing' Arrrrrggggggghhhh. Ladies, Babes, Chicks etc plssssssssss before getting into that marriage, relationship etc pls Ask Questions!!!!!! It's very vital u know why his last Relationship broke down. D Parable of d broom is true. D broom that beat d 1st wife out will also in 95% cases beat d 2nd, 3rd wife out too. Yes and I do know some men can lie for d Universe, deceit have masked their conscience. A violent person is a violent person. Some of us can lie to cover d shame and embarrassment of d battering but .......... beware of that arrogant so called quiet guy, they find a way of creeping into U, D truth is he has 0 self esteem and only intimidating U makes him feel good. Ask questions and u will find out they have been a thorn in their family"s flesh. Most of them are so proud? Yet lazy and selfish, always wanting to Rule your world' I am d man' half of them live off women, scamming and using fake love to steal while d others look awesome out and demons inside. There are still lovely gentlemen out there but pls choose wisely. Have a good evening#live #learn#laugh #love #"


  1. I see nothing suspicious in the messages than word of advice.

  2. Sisi Kemi all is well with this woman. She's only trying to inspire others..It's a word of advice


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