Covenant University Convocation: Angry mum warns son not to come home for not finishing with a First Class

So today, a total of 157 students of the Covenant University, Ota, Ogun, on Friday bagged First Class degrees at its 2015/2016 convocation.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Charles Ayo, disclosed this during the 11th Convocation Ceremony and Conferment of Honourary Doctorate Degrees, and presentation of prizes in Ota.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a total of 1495 students graduated this academic session.

They comprised 157 first class honours, 708-second class upper honours, 513-second class lower, 118 in third class and 154 post graduate students.

Just before the end of the ceremony in the University chapel, a mother of one of the graduands, stormed out of the hall with some other women trying to pacify her.

A Kemi Filani Blog eye witness at the scene sent in this report thus:

"Kemi, she was very angry, the other women were trying to pacify her. She was saying ''Upon all the money we spent, all he could finish with was a 2:1, he must not return to the house. I am taking back all the food i brought, imagine, he was supposed to finish with a first class. Those ones that finished with first class, do they have two heads? He must not return home o, he should better just go and eat that result, imagine, all the money we spent from when he started in this school..." the other women tried pacifying her and led her away to avoid a scene as onlookers were already gathering to know what was going on. "


OG WRITE said...

She is a stupid woman, i dont think she know how many students go to school and dont graduate due to consequences....she is just a foolish and ignorant woman, if am her child, i will disown her

nike said...

Lol@ of I'm her child I will disown her

Anonymous said...

Some mothers need brain reset. Is that how easy is it to finish with a First Class. But sha we can't blame her. They must have seen millions to see him through school

kikioTolu said...

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Proudly Nigerian

Busola Kolawole said...

She is very very unserious why did she not make the first class herself when she was in school.Yeye nigerian people like first class will guarantee job for the child mshew.

Anonymous said...

Did the mother get First Class when she was in school. Mscchew

kikioTolu said...

Kindly click below to read this funny post. You are going to laugh and nearly forget your name .

VIEW:Funny conversation of mallam and Christian

Proudly Nigerian

Anonymous said...

Lmao to think that this happened to me a few yeas ago. My dad was angry i finished with a 2:2 from Babcock., it was a just a spur of the moment anger. He has since gotten over it

amaka don said...

You the mother should have showed him your PHD certificate before he gained admission. Don't go and bless God for undeserved grace.

Anonymous said...

ah hahahahaha very funny. So how much is the money she spent compared to the joy of having a child to call your own.

MISS WORLD said...

Lmao not funny

yetty said...

She's mad!nonetity of the highest order!e easy to finish with 1st class ni she for show d boy her own certificate

Ay said...

The mum lacks wisdom. How about those that died and not alive to witness their convocation? How about those struck with one illness or the other? Having a first class is good, it will give you a leverage at the initial stage but that does not guarantee that the first class graduate would be more successful in life than his other classmates. Every parent wants the best for their children but we must also remember that it takes God's grace. If he had made a 3rd class or a pass, maybe we could have concluded that the boy didn't take his studies seriously and the mum's anger could be justified.

Anonymous said...

I think she needs to be enlightened,she needs orientation. She is still living in the era of when 1st class could fetch one an oil company job.Things have changed now,and it's all by the grace of God.

Francisca Samuel said...

This is not funny

Anonymous said...

This is how parent kill their children by their ignorance words, the woman is ungrateful 2 God..

Omotola Dose said...

thats really bad!

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