Be inspired! Opeyemi Aiyeola is dishing out words of wisdom on relationships, child abuse, self acceptance and more...

Yoruba movie star and happily mum of two boys, Opeyemi Aiyeola has some words of advise for everyone this morning. From child abuse, to loving one's self, relationship tips and more, she talked a alot...read below:

For Upcoming Artistes:

Stardom...a wonderful feeling...a beautiful state of mind...who doesn't want to be relevant?especially when its obvious and you're sure to be pretty and good looking,why won't you wish to trend?

But it makes more sense when you are heard and known for the real good reasons,I mean when you have content to show and tell the world,that you are not just pretty,but gifted and blessed.

I thank God,and my sincere appreciation for coming this far...Ojo re bi ano when I featured in my first movie,it was no doubt very challenging,the camera,the attention,the crowd...it wasnt easy,but it was indeed worth it.

Every success,no doubt is with at least a story to tell,and of course I had mine.

Who says you can't be a huge success as I am?who says you too can't rule the screen just much more than my likes?but it takes a whole lot,it requires much more from you... Your readiness,your seriousness, your time,your passion,your consistency, your dedication,not forgetting your strength, your sacrifices and above all,the grace of God.

Much as I will never disrespect this noble profession that has brought me lots more than I ever dreamt of,but I would humbly advise us,especially the upcoming...the success might not be soon,it might not come as at when and how you intended and hope...more so,it isn't and shouldn't be about nudity or negative vices...and of course, don't go into it,thinking about the money and income...as at when due,the fame the stardom the money will find you... Stay true to yourself,and soon your face would be views and seen all over the world... It only takes some time...be strong.
Good morning and have a blessed day.

For Parents:
A beautiful feeling to have a child...a wonderful feeling for children to surround you..."an heritage of God they are,says the bible"... It sometimes could be easy for some to conceive,while for others,the battle of infertility could take a little longer,however it turned out to be,the bulk of the task rest upon the shoulder of raising a child successfully.. Let us not forget? The foundation to which a child's orientation is built upon is grounded within the immediate family the child belongs to...so ideally we are expected as parents and families, to "train up the child in the way he should go,so that when he grows up,he won't depart from it"... I never said it would be or that it has always been a very easy task,but it gladden the heart,comforts the soul,guarantees a joyful smile, and as well assures of a secured future when and each time a well trained grows successfully and responsibly.

As parents,let's give it all it takes,our children are not only our replica or heritage,but are also the future we will be leaving behind when we are no more.

I therefore speak these words of truth and comfort to every mother and parent out there today: God Almighty will bless you,bless your home and bless your kids
You will never bury your kids,and they will grow up successful enough to take good care of you...and so will you reap the fruits of your labor on them.

To every barren woman reading this,and to every barren home seeing this,by the grace of God,you shall celebrate soon,not only would the joyful cry of a child be heard in your homes,but you shall be fruitful beyond your imagination... And every tongue of reproach on you,from today shall celebrate you.
Good morning and have a wonderful week ahead.

Relationship Tips

Not many of us are lucky at having good relationships,and of course not all of us are unlucky at having a bad relationship...
Its a beautiful thing to find true love,I mean to be in love,and it is such a wonderful feeling to be loved in return.
I usually tell people,especially those who had made up their mind that "there is nothing like true love,existing"... Once again I say it to you today,that Love is real,it exist and it will surely find you,if only you open up your heart to be truly loved.
Painfully,what I see most of us doing,much apologies to the women-folk is that," majority of us go for the material things,not necessarily after the true heart who is ready to show to us,the true love.
Another thing is the fact,that the typical modern day woman isn't that patient enough to sacrifice,and as well pass through the rough roads in the journey of relationship...
There and then,we hear of the popular saying ",emi osini surulere,Olorunsogo nimobalo"... Forgetting the fact that,nothing good comes easy...
To our men,I stand to correct the notion as well that all we women are the same,no we are not...majority of us wants to taste the true love,we open our heart to you guys,but you guys usually go for the looks,toy with our feelings,joke with our emotions," take what you are after",and then break our heart over and over again...tell me why i won't do same to the innocent guy that comes my way?when obviously my good intention,my true feelings have been broken over and over again...
Anyway...bad as it has been...love stays the same,and true love never changes...
Love,the greatest gift of all...
To every good woman out there,I pray and wish you love...and to our,not that we women are that bad as it looks,of course we want to love,much as we desire to be truly loved...
Show us care?and right inside our heart,we would show you the true meaning of Love...
Mind you?this isn't about sex,neither is it about money or material things...its about two different heart with same intention..and as we will be coming together,I am ready to bend for you,learn your rules,abide by your desires,show you that i truly care,be there for every time,much as I desire and expect same,and more.

Child Abuse

Let's talk about something more touching...
Don't get me wrong please?am not saying,trusting your family friend or neighbour with your kids is entire wrong,but if we really have to be fair at looking at it?much as trust is very needed in our society,you and I know it could be very risky and costly.
Child abuse has gone beyond just an African virus,but it is now a global worry,one that calls for quick and consistent close attention.
Funny enough,the rate at which a female child is typically molested,abused and worst still,raped is much more on the high side...
Much as we tend to ignore it,it has eventually become a scourge that is speedily eating deep into the world's system.
Not as if a direct parent can't or don't usually molest the child,but such "molestation" isnt going to be molestation,but rather a sort of instinctual training at ensuring a child grows healthy with proper upbringing.but what am saying is the percentage of the molestation coming from those we tend to put these kids in there care,are very much worrisome.
Painfully,these kids might be frightened never to disclose to anyone what type and kind of molestation been melted out at them,and it gets more worst because such bad thing usually take a while before it comes to the open.
No child is exempted, male or female,but it is just that,the average female is mostly at more risk than the male...
Those we trust most are those who are in the best capacity to break our heart the most...
Remember?you can never be wiser than the person targeting or watching to harm you,so you just have to be vigilant and very watchful?

Please,parents and guidance all over the world,much as we might be busy sometimes or most times,let's us please pay very much attention to the proper and healthy upbringing of our innocent children,?they came innocently into the world,and it is our first call,priority and duty to take good care of them,that is why they are kids,and that is why we will always be an adult.
They require our care and attention,love and concern.

May God continue to guide and protect us all,and these our children will live to remain our source of joy and comfort.
Good morning everyone...

Self Acceptance and love

It took the grace of God,the loving care of my parent,the reliable true friendship of my true friends,the belief fate and confidence of the man behind my smile...I mean the dedication and consistent hardwork of the real me,the never say die spirit and strength of a soulful hustler to have come this far...
I remain thankful to the God I serve,for the girl I was yesterday,because against all odds,I can boldly say I am blessed happy and proud of the woman I have become today.
Everyone is with at least a story to tell...(good or bad)???
Just be steadfast and remain true to yourself...
Love,the true one...will find you soon.

We're still in the mood of fasting,in that holly month of Ramadan,hence I say to my Muslim brothers and sisters,
Asalamu aleikum,amin aleikum salam,wabara katu...
May the strength and grace of Almighty Allah continue to be with you all...even as you remain steadfast,true and faithful to the tenet of the holy month of Ramadan,and as preached by the Holy prophet Mohammed(Salala wale wasalat).
Ramadan Kareem... Aku oungbe oooo.
Emi a shika OSU layo.


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