A newborn dumped inside a well somewhere in Niger State, rescued alive (photo)

10 hours ago, a newborn baby dumped inside a well somewhere in Niger State was rescued alive.

Meanwhile, a young lady who attempted to dump her 27-day-old baby in front of an orphanage in Magodo area has blamed the harsh economy in the country for her action.

Some residents and traders in the area had reportedly around 9.00 a.m. on Sunday drawn the attention of officers of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) to the lady and her baby.

It was gathered that the lady, who was about dropping the baby along CMD Road, was arrested and taken to the RRS office in Magodo.

The suspect, Serah Jegede, a native of Imesi Ile in Osun State, reportedly went to the orphanage home with the intention of handing over her baby to somebody there.She could, however, not hand over the baby to the officials, since it was a Sunday and the senior officials of the orphanage were not around.
According to her, she could no longer take care of the baby due to her environment and lack of money.
When questioned about her background, she said
“I came to Lagos in 2009. I lived with my mother at No.1, Ejo Street, Igando.
“It was my mother that used to pay the house rent. One day, we didn’t just see her again. She didn’t come back home.“She didn’t leave home with anything; all her things are still there. I don’t know her  whereabouts. But when the rent expired, I had no choice but to leave the house. That was over a year ago. I live inside market, just any space to sleep.”
On who was responsible for the pregnancy, Serah said:
“I only know him as Sunday. I don’t know his surname. I don’t know his parents.”
She said the man abandoned her and ran away when the pregnancy was five months.
“I don’t know his whereabouts too. That day, I went to sell pure water. Before I came back, he had packed all his belongings and disappeared, leaving me behind. I gave birth to my baby at Ikotun market,” she said.
Serah also told the RRS operatives that the baby was yet to be christened, since she had no intention of keeping her.
A source around CMD Road, who pleaded anonymity, told Lagos Metro that
 “it was actually a kid that suspected that the lady wanted to dump the baby.
“The kid told a woman who in turn informed the RRS operatives, who rescued the baby and arrested the mother,” the source said.
At the RRS office, succour came the way of the lady and her daughter as policemen and women, led by the commander, Olatunji Disu, showered them with gifts and money.
The lady and her baby were later transferred to the Isheri divisional police station.


  1. This is gross wickedness
    How cold a mother do this to her own child

  2. why some women possess this level of wickedness and hatred for their own child still beats me, why give birth to the child at all? God pls show mercy on others begging you for the fruit of the womb

  3. Tears rolling down my cheeks. Am a mother too, so I wonder how one could go thru all the pains, and at the end dumps that innocent child you brought forth in pains. May the ALMIGHTY have mercy on such soul.

  4. Some people are the cause of their problem.if God decide to lock the mother's womb now she will start moving from one church to another,shedding crocodile tears.

  5. Haaaa haaaa, why, why, why... Indulge in sex before marriage without protection, why allow the pregnancy, why give birth to baby, why do you want to kill the innocent blood I just can't stop to ask why. Tears rolling down on my cheek, I'm like God why give those heartless ingrate bastards the baby when You Know their wicked intention, why not allow the mother to die in the process of giving birth simply 'coz of her hidden wicked intents. Then I realise the ways of man isn't the way of The Merciful GOD, ALLAHU AKBAR. Thanks TO YOU. For allowing the baby to live

  6. https://www.facebook.com/adebayo.omoladegloria?fref=ufi16 June 2016 at 09:58

    It is well even in the well they said. so it has been well for the child but who be tide that lady who did this to this innocent child. I no so many of them looking for fruit of womb that are innocence for God to bless them at least with one, yet someone is here throwing her own inside well. thou I still thank God the child is still alive.

  7. Common sense where art thou? Must you have unprotected sex? Must you? Must you senseless she-goat? What's the essence of having sex when you are not ready to have a child?

  8. This one pass me, after going tru all that pain u now throw ur baby in the well?


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