300 level student drinks poison over girlfriend's stubbornness (photo)

A 300-level Business Administration student of Anambra State University (ANSU), simply identified as Proposer has taken his life after he was dumped by his  girlfriend.
It was reported that Prosper, died yesterday after drinking ‘Sniper’ shortly after sending his girlfriend a text message saying that by this morning he should have been dead. 
His lodge mate was quoted as saying: “Around 12:23am, we started hearing noise from him snoring heavily. .
At first we thought it was normal until it got unbearable. So we had to enter his room and found him lying on the floor. Then we started praying, after which we made arrangements for him to be taken to the hospital. Before then, we had already forced palm oil down his throat. .
So on getting to the nurse, she confirmed him dead. No be today dem begin dey get wahala. He usually complain that the girlfriend is giving her tough time and being stubborn. In fact, he used to cook and take to the girls lodge. He frequents it. He had earlier called the girlfriends best friend and asked her to take good care of his girlfriend for him. The death is a painful one


MISS WORLD said...

Stupid fool

Francisca Samuel said...

Prosper or what is that your name ehn? Prosper you didn't prosper at all oooooooo Senseless he-goat
U killed yourself bcos of babe
Atukutuku ehn ni ona orun
Na so babe scare for your area?
This babe will soon get married to someone very close to you or to your Neighbour sef
She will go to Dubai do wedding while u dey inside grave dey regret
Ehn stupid idiot
Rest anyhow
Foolish idiot
Very annoying

honey pointer said...

Foolish death!

pretty diamond pretty diamond said...

He's a fool he didn't even think of his poor parent na gf matter he carry for head like gala

Anonymous said...

The rate at which some ppl are drinking sniper Na wa o! Why snipe ur life, when Jesus died for you. Jesus paid the price with his blood for you to live a glorious life naim you come die for nothing. Sorry ehn.

Anonymous said...

I never hear am b4, one guy just commited suicide cause of one girl when 100 girls are out there looking for a guy to just woo them. Na wa oo

Anonymous said...

I tire o. Chai of all tins to die for. pussy? What happened to dieing over crude oil and some diamond crested vault with dollar bills content? Lol dis girl toto much be sugar coated biko

Anonymous said...

How can u even drink sniper with that bad smell it has..

nike said...

Don't mind the stupid boy... Mschewwww

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