TVC Presenter, Wale Fakile, responds to Girlfriend's allegations, tells his version of the story + releases photos as proof

Earlier today (HERE) we broke the News of a domestic violence victim, who shared a distress message of how her boyfriend often beats and tortures her.
Well, the boyfriend in question, Wale Fakile, who co-presents TRENDS and the popular, QUESTION TIME, has exclusively narrated his side of the story to Kemi Filani Blog...read it below:

I have read all the tirades and accusations levelled against me by Mandy Isaac on Social Media and for posterity and records purposes, I need to state my side of the story. Yes, it is true that we are friends but we stopped dating in June 2015. However, we started again in December 2015.

Our last date was on Wednesday, May 16th, 2016 in my residence and in spite of Mandy telling me that she had stopped drinking, she requested for alcohol which I did not oblige her. However, I later found out that she had drank 2 cans of Vodka (picture below). I went out to withdraw some money and she stepped out too, after having taking possession of my phone. When I returned, she got back and accused me of talking to ladies and insisted she had to leave that night. I pleaded with her but she said she would leave and I gave her N2,000 as Transport fare. In her semi-nude state, she flared up, demanded for N50,000 and called me unprintable names. Later, she went berserk and started destroying things in my house (See pictures below) before she started rolling herself on the floor.

I got a call the same night from a female police officer at ketu Police Station  (I was NEVER ARRESTED) who asked that I report at the station that night or the following morning. I could not go to the police station that night because it was already late (some minutes past 11:00pm) but I made sure that I got to the station as early as possible (8:00am). To my surprise she never showed up even after my call at the station.
It is unfortunate that this happened to me but I am not only a responsible man but I also work in a responsible organisation that values and cherishes its publics. This is a deliberate attempt to frame me and I call on investigative Journalists to go deeper than the story and either vilify me or corroborate my claims.


  1. Are those the things u say she destroyed? Are those things? Lol, I have done my investigation, his neighbors said he almost killed the girl, dragging her on the floor and naked her, am a man like you, I will not let this issue die

    1. Whic kain mumu evidence be these, u suppose video her when she was rolling on d floor ni

  2. Women can also be violent, not every time you put blame on the man, feminists take note

  3. I kip saying men are turning Monsters everywhere#defending himself

  4. This is what happens when u choose a PROSTITUTE over the critically thinking ladies.
    Most Guys love to date CRAZY ladies, but rarely settle for them when it is time for MARRIAGE.

    My friend, since u are a PUBLIC FIGURE , u deserve a Cerebral lady. Not all these mayhems who parade themselves in whoreful regalia.

    Go for sound ladies, Please

  5. This dude is just an idiot. Why tell all these lies. These photos prove nothing t all. He must be arrested and sacked

  6. This guy can lie!!!

    A lady will want to destroy stuff in your house and it is inside of the fridge she will destroy

    Liar!!!! You no get TV? Phone? Car? Chairs and Tables in the living room

    Come on!!!

    You even kept used cans of drinks days after Waiting for her to go on social media

    The guy is a big liar.

  7. If I don't see a photo of them drinking the bullet togeda then they end no way I am believing this shit. He Is the one trying to blackmail the young lady just like ronke-shonde's husband lied to the world

  8. So he snapped everything since last Wednesday because he knows he will need it today? Hmmmm ok nothing smells fishy. Trying to pull a TBillz stunt

  9. So many things don't add up. Not saying her account of what happened is factual but his account doesn't add up either. Why would she destroy a table size fridge of all the properties in his house. Most times, when someone really want to destroy one's properties TV set and other fragile goods are the easiest target.

    And displaying cans of empty drinks doesn't credit his story either as it may have been consume by someone else. This is where I love the West, they will perform forensics on those beer cans and fridges to ascertain whose fingerprints touched them and when it happened.

  10. Heheeheehhe what an apartment is that a door or what? Anyways I don't even believe the both of them. The lady might what to frame him to tarnish his image and he might also be lying with snapping empty bottles and dirty so called door.#ihatedomesticviolence#

  11. This story is really disjointed jor

    May 16 was a MONDAY not a WEDNESDAY like this young man claimed,he obviously beat her from the marks on her skin too...though she misbehaved by destroying his property...He is not entirely innocent like he is trying to portray

  12. Mschewww... Evidence ko evidence ni, so she chose to destroy your stuff, and went to break the compactment in the refrigerator and the dirty door? Abeg shift Mr. Oga...

  13. I thought the lady said d guy was rich... What kind of dirty apartment is dat

  14. He said she took 2 bottles of Vodka and he is showing us bullet cans. Liar.

  15. Mtchewwwwwwwww story for the gods

  16. Don't know why but I don't believe this guy.


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