Only trust your spouse when you have the key to his/her apartment - Comedian Alibaba

Comedian Ali Baba took to instagram moments ago to share some relationship tips.

Read below:

"Sometimes it's too late to know how much a relationship means to you till after you have lost it. The things you took for granted begin to mean a lot. The expectations you had disappear. It gets worse when you think, I could and should have done more. Certain things may not be worth it after all said and done. But gradually you begin to see that the moments you shared were a lot more important.
Like the fact that he forgot to call when he promised to... But you made it look like it was more important than the car he bought for you. Now the car was stolen and you wish you could just call him to let him know how you need a car. You were upset she refused to travel with you on a DUBAI trip that you wanted to go on... And that had more value than your picture on her DP and on her office table. Oh you are even mad that she refused to come spend the weekend with you and preferred to go visit her sister in Festac... Yet she gave you the spare keys to her apartment!!

If you are dating anyone, that's the ultimate trust. Forget what anyone tells you. When you get a spare key to an apartment, you must have done something right. Anyway, sorry I digressed. Make sure you put valid values on things that matter. Don't let your emotions rob you of what is important to your happiness, or else you will be singing "I was just, I was just, sitting here thinking about it!""


  1. They can still do whatever they want to do even if you have the key, having a God fearing man is the key am still searching

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