KFB Best Friends Alert! Linda Ikeji and Andy Ogbechi

Linda and Andy in Dubai

It's another Thursday, whoop, you know how we do it guys...the Best Friends Alert!!!

Today's feature is all about foremost Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji and her BFF,  Andy Ogbechi.

Throwback photo of them :)

Linda and Andy
They have been best friends since their modelling days and their relationship has even grown stronger. Andy has been a top model in Nigeria for the past 25 years.
Linda and Andy in 2009
They attend outings/events together (I have personaly spotted them at a Lagos event once) and are presently in Dubai (HERE) together on vacation with a lucky fan and a few friends/family.

Instagram media by officiallindaikeji - Yes, I tried it! Lol..Amazing day!
Don't you just love these two?!
.... you know sometimes your husband is right there and you're busy Bffing them upandan! 


  1. LOL @you know sometimes your husband is right there and you're busy Bffing themupandan!
    Good to know!

  2. Replies
    1. He is gay that's y

    2. idiot that what you are for calling someone you don't know a gay in fact short that you mouth biggest fool....I don't know why people come on the internet and talk trash

  3. Kemi you are not serious at all.... Lmao BFF upandan

  4. Lmao @ Kemi....the guy looks gay tho!

  5. Time will sure tell

  6. He looks soooo gay

  7. Kemi-kissing Linda's black arse since........ Linda this Linda that!


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